Workflow Branching

SaaS Conversion Marketing Platform

Product Design Case Study

Role & methods

UI Design, UX Design, User Discovery, Usability Testing, User Flows

Project timeline:

September-November 2023

Agile team:

Product Designer, Product Manager, Frontend & Backend Developers

Project type:

New feature, Enhancements of existing UI, contribution to Design System

Tools used:

Figma, Miro, Notion, Jira, Productboard

Please note: This work has confidentiality stipulations regarding which UI visuals can be shared. Elements of the user interface had to be cropped off.


Project context & goals

This is the project I worked on at a B2B behavioural marketing company helping 500+ clients optimise user journeys on a website to reach, retain & re-engage visitors to increase conversions.

The first version of the drag & drop SaaS conversion marketing platform only supported, single-flow campaigns. This means the campaign could only target visitors in one way – it couldn’t be customised based on different circumstances, such as the visitor’s characteristics or previous behaviour. Additionally, users couldn’t track the performance of these customisations within a single campaign or view.

The goal

The business goal of this project was to expand the capabilities of the workflow-based Campaign Builder to allow users to set multiple campaign flows with different conditions within a single campaign. This would allow users to efficiently manage client’s campaigns without the need to go back and forth between different campaigns. 


From Single Flow to Multi-flow Campaigns




Multi-flow with Branching
Due to confidentiality, I can't share more details about this project. I'm happy to present & discuss the rest of this Case Study on a call.