Tools & Resources

At this page, I put together a list of tools and resources I personally and highly recommend to use for your business.
Affordable hosting with excellent customer support and one-click WordPress install. When I switch to SiteGround, my site speed increased by over 50% and I have free HTTPS.
My number one (and only) tool for creating graphics for my business and for my design clients. It creates vector graphics which you can use in any size because they are scalable.
Free project management tool, which helps me be productive and organise design process when I work with my clients and help me create a to-do list for MintSwift
Amazing and affordable scheduling tool for Pinterest, which is growing my business on autopilot. Pricing starts at $5 for 100 pins/month.
My go-to resource for fonts, templates, illustrations, mockups, stock photography and inspiration. They also share six free goods to download every week.
Free (for up to 2000 subscribers) email marketing tool ideal for bloggers who are just starting out and it’s great for delivering free email courses with automation feature
The only plugin you need to create a website from scratch without touching a line of code. There is endless layout and design possibilities with VC, so no theme changing needed
Ditch the Lead Pages and invest in Layered Popups instead. With LP, you only pay once for a license and you can create unlimited number of on-click (and other) popups
You no longer have to scan your contracts and other legal documents in order to sign them. Hello Sign is tool to sign documents electronically (3 free documents per month)
This page contains affiliate links marked with (*) for products I recommend. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!