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Conversion Marketing Platform - Product Design - MintSwift

Role & methods

UI Design, UX Design, User Discovery, Usability Testing, User Flows

Cross-functional team:

Product Designer, Product Owner, Frontend & Backend Developers

Tools used:

Figma, Miro, Productboard, Confluence, Notion, Jira, Google Meet


Design system, new features design, Iterations & enhancements of existing UI

Please note: This work has confidentiality stipulations regarding which UI visuals can be shared. Elements of the user interface had to be cropped off.​


About the company

The company is a B2B behavioural marketing company helping 500+ clients optimise user journeys on a website to reach, retain & re-engage visitors to increase conversions.

I joined this company at an exciting time, just as the new SaaS, workflow-based product was starting to be developed, and everyone was preparing to migrate to a single platform (there were 3 other platforms), which happened several months later. 

We migrated 800+ sites to the new product I was designing. That was a long overdue, huge milestone and collective achievement of cross-functional Agile teams and I’m extremely grateful to have taken part in it!

Since joining, I've improved the Ease of Use and Visual Appeal of the product by 51%

Before & After

Old vs New Product


Conversion Marketing Platform - Old Product - MintSwift
Conversion Marketing Platform - Old platform


Conversion Marketing Platform - New Product - MintSwift
Conversion Marketing Platform - New workflow-based Campaign Builder

Common problems identified with the old product:

Problems solved with the new product (solutions):

My role

Key achievements

My role was to enhance the user interface in its early stages, design new features & capabilities and simplify the complex workflow-based campaign builder to help users intuitively & productively manage clients’ campaigns. I worked in cross-functional Agile teams with a Product Designer, Product Owner, and Frontend & Backend Developers.

Quickly after I joined, I noticed additional areas for improvement which I proactively worked on such as the Design System & Ways of Working between Designers & Developers.

I was involved in the end-to-end Product Design (UX & UI) process which involved various discoveries, competitor research, creating user flows & conducting usability testing sessions to gather user feedback.

Product Design Process - MintSwift

I cultivated a culture of collaboration & communication by improving the Ways of Working between Designers & Developers.
I broke down silos between different Agile teams

I lead weekly workshops with Frontend Developers, as well as actively bridged the gap between cross-functional teams, reducing re-work & tech debt. When working in a team with little Design & Frontend resources, I used my technical knowledge to guide implementation, advise best usability and accessibility practices and which UI components & Design Tokens to use.

I introduced the Design QA into the ongoing delivery process; which increased the quality of the product. This resulted in a decreased number of bugs appearing to users and fewer incidents occurring.

Simplifying complexity

It was the most complex and challenging product I’ve ever worked on to date! Daily, I dealt with legacy, tight deadlines & quickly changing requirements. Whenever a new feature was implemented or enhancement to an existing feature was made, it was like a ripple effect.

It affected the behaviour, interactions & validation of the entire platform. It pushed me to think about the product holistically, end-to-end at all times even when making a seemingly simple enhancement. I wanted to make sure that the product is future-proofed, robust and intuitive.

Projects I worked on

Featured projects with links (coming soon) to end-to-end case studies

Workflow Campaign Builder - MintSwift

Kind words from my colleagues

I've witnessed Adrianna's tenacious commitment to delivering high quality UI designs for complex product features that consider needs of the user, often in fast-pace conditions and across multiple agile squads.

Adrianna cares deeply about having a positive impact on the products we deliver. She has a hands-on approach to her work and is driven to improve user-centric design in our platform.

Adrianna's UI design skills were used to enhance conversion marketing platform to enable users to self serve in an intuitive and engaging way. Her commitment to standardising our UI component library has given us a consistent way of developing our front end.

Adrianna's ability to articulate complex design concepts clearly make her an invaluable asset during collaborative projects. Her designs are not just about aesthetics; they embody a clear understanding of functionality and user accessibility.

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