Thanks for your interest in getting invited to my group board, I’d love to have you as one of the collaborators.
First off, Why should you join a Pinterest group board? It gets your own pins to a larger audience than just your own and you’re increasing chances that someone would visit your blog or website from Pinterest.
If you’re writing about topics like: business, blogging, social media, email marketing, photography, design, branding, freelancing, productivity, WordPress, Squarespace, e-course/e-book creation and other business or blog related topics my boards it for you!
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1. Follow Blog & Business Squad board

2. Follow my Pinterest profile @mintswiftdesign

3. Email me at or fill the form here 

Please include the following in the contact form or email:

  • Your email address associated with Pinterest account

  • Link to your Pinterest profile

  • Link to your website


I would love you to join my own Blog & Business Squad Pinterest group board, but please read the guidelines below:

1. You may pin no more than 3-5 per day. Please pin your own content AND other’s content too.

A Pinterest group board is a great way for self-promotion, but don’t forget to share other’s valuable content. Please space them out, don’t purposefully pin the same pin 10 times in a row.

2. Add quality, vertical, relevant pins. Please make sure anything pinned has no broken links.

Make sure that each of your pins is visually appealing and makes people want to repin or click them. Since Pinterest is visual, quality of pins is really important. Please check every pin before you repin it, to make sure there are no broken links.

3. You’re welcome to share BLOG POST about your product or service, as long as it’s relevant to board topic and can be valuable to others.

Please don’t just post your portfolio work or pretty picture without any explanation. You can post your blog post about your product or service, where it shows how it can help others. Please note: if you’re writing a blog post about your recent client work, you’re welcome to share vertical images you’ve included IN the post.

4. Any pins violating the rules will be removed. If you continually break the rules, you’ll be expelled without notice

Please obey ALL the guidelines above!


I’ve been receiving a lot of email regarding the invite to Blog & Business Squad, so please be patient.


Bloggers that write mainly about lifestyle-related topics and only occasionally about business.
Bloggers without Rich Pins enabled. All Blog & Business Squad members have to have a Pinterest business account and enable the Rich Pins. If you haven’t done it yet, here’s a tutorial on how to get a business account and how to enable Rich Pins.
Bloggers who are “collecting” the group boards. If you haven’t created your own boards and are only a member of dozens of group boards, you won’t be accepted to Blog & Business Squad. I want this board to genuinely help your traffic and increase your visibility and not be another board to your collection.
Bloggers without consistent branding (each of their pins looks like they come from different blog, there’s no cohesive style for pins and your blog & business in general)
If you haven’t heard back from me, this means that you not meeting the conditions above

The goal of this board is to help online entrepreneurs run a successful blog and business. It’ll help you be out there and show the world your awesome blog! So please email me or click one of the buttons and fill the form, if you are interested in joining!

Last updated: 7 April 2018
I am test text for Call to action.
Can’t wait to have you on my board!