How does payment work?

25% deposit is required upfront to secure your spot in my project calendar. Another 25% is due at the start of your project, and the other 50% is due after you approve the design and before the final files are sent. The payments are accepted via Stripe.

What if I need more than five collateral items? Can I add additional collateral design to my packages?

Absolutely! If you need more than five collateral items (included in both packages) let me know in our initial consultation. See the collaterals available at this page.

I can’t afford your packages – can I remove some of the design elements to fit it to my budget?

I’ve created my brand design & brand & website design package, so they cover all the client’s design needs and to equip you with a full, cohesive and streamlined brand, therefore it’s not possible to remove any of the design elements from the package. Brand it’s a system, so it works as a whole (all the design elements work together cohesively). However, you can add additional collaterals or templates to the brand design or brand & website design package in case you need more of them. In case you can’t afford the custom brand design package, check out my shop for the premade branding kits here.

What do you design websites on?

I use WordPress (org) to create websites for my clients. I personally use self-hosted WordPress and highly recommend it, because it’s customizable and easy to use. After testing a lot of WordPress theme, I decided to choose Brick, which I personally use for almost 2 years now. I build most of the websites for my clients, from scratch based on that theme. It has drag and drop builder in it, so the websites are super easy to use when you even if you don’t know how to code. If you’re familiar with Squarespace (which is usually recommended for no- coding entrepreneurs) Brick is similar, yet more powerful. However, I’m open to working with any theme you purchased or chosen.

Do I need to buy a domain before you develop my website?

Yes! I highly recommend to purchase your hosting via SiteGround, you can purchase your domain there too!

Do you offer à la carte and just logo design?

I strongly believe that branding is more than just a logo and as much logo is important for your business, it’s simply not enough. My goal is to provide you with a cohesive and streamlined brand from start to finish, therefore I only offer all-inclusive brand design package and brand and web design package. The only exception for the a la carte option is for my past brand or web design clients, for which I design other collaterals or templates.

What if I need more than five pages design or additional functions to my website? Can I add additional functions and pages design to my packages?

Absolutely! If you need more than five pages design (included in the package) and/or additional functions to your website, let me know in our initial consultation.

Do you need to have all final website copy and images ready before you design my website?

Yes! You need to provide all the final copy and images prior to site design.

Will I be able to make changes on my own after you hand over my website?

Absolutely! WordPress is easy to use and your website would be equipped with drag and drop page builder which doesn’t require any coding knowledge (if we work based on Brick theme). However, I’m happy to help you with changes or additional page designs after we finish at the separate quote.

Will my site be mobile and SEO friendly?

Yes! These days, it’s absolutely essential to have a site that works and looks great on all browsers and electronic devices. Your new website would be SEO friendly as well.

Do you offer e-commerce (online shop) design?

Yes! The e-commerce is not included in my brand & website design package, but I can install and set up an online store on your website at the additional quote. Please let me know if you need shop feature at our initial consultation. Please note that, brand & e-commerce (WooCommerce) website design package is starting at $3997.

What are RGB and CMYK? What’s a difference between them?

In short: RGB colours are for website usage and CMYK are for print usage. In my custom packages, you’ll receive the final files in both RGB and CMYK colours. RGB (red, green, and blue) refers to a system for representing the colours to be used on a computer display. Red, green, and blue can be combined in various proportions to obtain any colour in the visible spectrum. The RGB files are prepared for website usage and any other digital (not print). CMYK is a scheme for combining primary pigments. The C stands for cyan (greenish-blue colour), M stands for magenta (purplish-red), Y for yellow, and K for Black. CMYK files are prepared for printing usage, in case you want your logo to be on paper for example on your business card.

What is a vector? Will I receive a vector logo and other design elements from you?

Vector files can be scalable to any size, without losing its quality, which means that you can have your logo any size you want. Yes, you’ll get all of the final graphics in AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector format.

What will you need from me before and during the time we work together? What’s my involvement in the design process?

Before the start date, you’ll receive a brand or brand & website design questionnaire from me to fill in with a little homework for you to create a Pinterest board with inspiration, so I can get to know your style preferences more. About a week after a start date (or at the beginning if you already prepared them) I’ll need to be finalised copy & images for the collaterals design you’ve chosen. About one and a half or two weeks after a start date (or at the beginning if you already prepared them) I’ll need a finalised copy & images for the website pages design you’ve chosen. During the time we work together, I’ll need your prompt responses to design concepts I sent and timely feedback on what would you like to change in the concepts (revision).

Do you use any project management software?

I use Asana to manage all of my client’s project. Asana is where all of the tasks and deadlines are listed both for me and for the client. I send all of the files like concepts, revisions and final files there, by creating new conversations. Asana is well more organised than managing projects via email, especially because the client can see all of the tasks that go into the project as well as the deadlines on one page. This way, we can both make sure to meet the deadlines and work smoothly. Take a look at this blog post to see how I manage my packages in Asana

How does the entire process look like for the brand design package?

Take a look at this page to see the step-by-step process for my brand design package.

How does the entire process look like for the brand & website design package?

Take a look at this page to see the step-by-step process for my brand & website design package.

Is it possible to book your services in advance?

Yes, absolutely. In the brand design and brand & website design inquiry, you can find a question about the preferred start and end dates, so let me know there that you’d like to book dates for example 6 months from today. I’ll email you back with the available dates.

How far in advance are you booked out? 

I’m usually booked out 1-3 months ahead, but you can ask for my availability by filling out the contact form or emailing me at

How can I secure the project dates I’m interested in? Are you going to keep them for me?

I always give my soonest availability dates when I get back to your email. I can keep the dates for few days, but I usually negotiate with few clients at the same time. I work on first come first served basis, so the person who pays the 25% deposit to secure their spot in the project calendar gets the date, therefore I can’t guarantee that the date you wanted will be available for you.

I’m not ready for website design yet, so for now, I want you to only do a brand design and then I want to hire you to do website design. Is that possible?

Absolutely! I totally understand that your budget can only cover the brand design part for now, or that you’re still figuring out details about your website. I can design a brand for you and then we can work on a website design once you’re ready 😉 The website design (after I designed your brand) starts at $1299

What if I need more designs, website maintenance or technical help. Do you offer additional services like this?

Yes! I can design additional collaterals, do some changes on your website or other design and technical/code related tasks on an hourly basis. Please note that the hourly basis service is only available for my existing brand & website design clients

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them! 😉 Please click the button below and fill the contact form or contact me directly at I’ll try to respond to you within 24-48 hours.
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