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Product Design Case Study

Brity - Home Screen - MintSwift
Brity - Spending Screen - MintSwift

Role & Methods:

UX Design, User Research, Branding, UI Design

Project timeline:

1 week, March 2021

Tools used:

Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Project type:




Brity is a digital banking app that allows young professionals to quickly manage their finances, helping them understand how they spend their money. 


Point of view (POV)

Young Professionals need a way to access their debit card from their mobile phone because they want to use and keep track of their funds on the go.   


Brity allows young professionals to effortlessly create a free bank account from a smartphone, manage & analyse their spending.

THE Product Design (UX & UI) PROCESS

The Double Diamond


The main Brity logo utilizes a sans serif font as well as the tagline – digital banking. For the Submark/App Icon, I created a letter B with negative space. The colours meet the WCAG contrast ratio accessibility standards.

Brity - Logo Versions - MintSwift

Brity Logo Versions

Brity - Type Scale - MintSwift

Brity Type Scale

Brity UI Colours, Colour Palette


Before I jumped into creating other UI/UX elements, I did a competitor analysis, going through similar digital banking apps like Monzo, Monese or Starling Bank. I noticed that they lacked an easily accessible spending report, clearly displaying different categories. 

Additionally, like with B&B Express, I presented the concept of the app to a few family members and used my own experience using the Monzo app. 

Key Findings:


Based on the findings from user research, I created a user persona – Adam to better understand the needs and frustrations of my users and to maintain a user-centred focus throughout the Brity project

Adam - User Persona - Brity - MintSwift


Age: 27
Occupation: Frontend Developer
Marital status: Single
Location: Wales


Adam is a Frontend Developer, working in a Cardiff based tech startup. As a tech-savvy and practical person, he tracks and analyzes all aspect of his life, especially the finances. Adam likes to plan, see how he is spending his money, especially on the go, while being at the grocery store or when buying new things online.  

Goals & needs:

Pain points:

“I want to know how much money I have on my bank account wherever I am”

Brity User Persona - Adam

From Wireframe to Final UI


Move your mouse on the image below to see the transition from Low Fidelity wireframes to final UI Design for Brity

Brity - Wireframes - MintSwiftBrity - Final User Interface Design - MintSwift.

Brity Before (Low Fidelity Wireframes) & After (Final User Interface Design)

Final User Interface Design (UI)

Brity - Lock Screen - MintSwift

Lock screen

A quick and secure way to access the digital bank account

Home screen

A main screen showcasing the most important information such as available balance, card, recent transactions 

Brity - Home Screen - MintSwift
Brity - Spending Screen - MintSwift

Spending screen

In-depth raport on all the money spent, showcasing various categories

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