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Why is Important to Have a Cohesive Branding

Can you imagine, seeing beautiful graphics on someone’s social media, then going to their business’s website and finding out that it doesn’t look anything like social media graphics?

And vice versa

That could be confusing 

In particular, when it comes to first impressions

I strongly believe that having the cohesive brand identity is one of the most important parts of branding – especially for small business owners.

That’s why today I wanted to discuss why is important to have a cohesive branding for your creative business. We’ll talk about 4 reasons to have a coherent brand design for your small business. Let’s dive in, shall we?!

Why is Important to Have a Cohesive Branding


It takes less than 3 seconds for a website visitor to make a first impression. 3 seconds! Can you imagine?! Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on making a good one; to be perceived as a professional creative entrepreneur, not an amateur. Having cohesive graphics on your website, social media profiles, on your printed marketing materials can help you with that!


I feel like a broken record, but – when you constantly use the same brand typography & colour palette, design elements & graphics you eventually build brand recognition. At the same time, your viewers see you as someone who is trustworthy, because you’re sending a consistent brand message. They remember you & your business. Your target audience can recognize your business by simply coming across your blog post graphics on Pinterest. 


I already mentioned that in the video about the brand board – having a cohesive brand design saves you a lot of time! Why? Because coherent brand identity works like a streamlined system for your business. Where you know exactly what design elements, colours or fonts to use. Saving you a ton of time along the way and making sure you look trustworthy and professional to your target audience.


Coherent visual identity can contribute to your business success big time. When your brand shows a consistent message to your potential clients, it attracts them. Therefore you get more inquiries, sales & clients – so have a profitable small business!  

Incoherent brand design can repel your potential clients. Visuals that aren’t cohesive, can make you look amateur or unreliable.

Who would have wanted that; for their precious business, they’ve been dreaming to have?!


If you’re struggling with bringing your vision of brand & website to visuals I’m here to help you out! I’d love to help you make a great first impression, attract your ideal audience & grow your business.

Head over to my services below to see my design packages for creative entrepreneurs & small business owners. I focus on creating brands & websites that are cohesive & strategic. 

Is your brand design cohesive? If not, how could you make it more coherent?


For creative entrepreneurs & small business owners

xo Adrianna

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