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UI/UX Design for B&B Express App

I still remember, visiting London for the first time 10 years ago. Everlasting great first impression, a mixture of modern and classic architecture, diversity, feeling like being in a centre of the World. BUT there was a big but… It’s expensive. There’s also a myth flying around the internet saying that you can’t feel like you’re in the UK while being in London.

With all those thoughts in mind, I created a self-initiated hotel booking app, where you can find an affordable, authentic bed & breakfast in heart of London. It’s called B&B Express. Today I wanted to share a little bit more about the UI/UX Design for B&B Express App. Let’s dive in, shall we?!

UI/UX Design for B&B Express App

Hotel Booking Mobile Application


B&B Express is a bed & breakfast booking app that helps working professionals quickly book holiday accommodation in London, UK


Working Professionals visiting London need a quick way to book affordable, authentic accommodation because they want to experience British culture without spending a fortune, but they struggle to find a place meeting their requirements on other hotel booking apps/websites 


B&B Express helps working professionals to find a budget place to stay in London. Allowing users to immerse into a homely, British culture in the middle of the capital. 

Here’s a sneak peek at how the B&B Express App tuned out:

B&B Express - App Screens - MintSwift

To read all about the UI/UX Design process for B&B Express Hotel Booking App, head over to a Case Study, by clicking the button below:

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UX UI Design for B&B Express App - MintSwift
UI UX Design for B&B Express App by MintSwift
UX UI Design for B&B Express App by MintSwift

xo Adrianna

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