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How I Grew My Pinterest Visibility by 500% in One Month

UPDATE 16.08.2018  – Since June 28th, 2018, BoardBooster is closed down.

Pinterest is one of my largest sources of website traffic even though I don’t have an enormous Pinterest following, yet. I’d love to share my exact steps which helped me grow my visibility by 500% in just one month, using Pinterest with minimum effort because it is largely automated!

Pinterest is basically a search engine, not social media network. Why? Because it works like Google. Did you ever search something on Pinterest like “the best wedding dresses”, “summer flower boutique” or even a whole phrase like “How to make pizza?”. I bet you did! And you were able to find relevant answers, because people who pinned that content, used keywords in the pin description and add Alt text to it.

That’s why Pinterest is probably the best platform to share your blog posts and most people are visual, so it’s perfect when you have branded, beautiful image in as your pin, it simply attract the eyes. Someone can click and be redirected to your website in few seconds and bam – you just got traffic from Pinterest and grew your Pinterest visibility.

When you post something on Instagram or Twitter it quickly gets buried under other posts: most recent or post with higher engagement rate than yours. Is actually the battle who used better hashtags or attract more people with a pretty picture. Unlike with other social media platforms, you can start driving traffic to your blog or website immediately with Pinterest.

On the other hand, on Pinterest people may not see your blog post in time when you pin it to one of the boards, but as I said before, Pinterest is a search engine, so someone can stumble upon your pin months from now and you could get thousands of visitors to your website and repins. Also, when your Pinterest profile and all the pins you repin got more visibility, the possibility for someone to click on your pin with a recent blog post increases.

So don’t be discouraged by the fact that you have like 10 followers and 2 repins a month. As soon as you pin more frequently, repin relevant pins, you’ll get the traffic and visibility.

This post contains affiliate links marked with (*) for products I recommend. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

But first, let me tell you a bit about my journey on Pinterest. When I’ve started my business, I had only a personal Pinterest account and haven’t actually used it that much. I had no clue how to use it for business, I thought that Pinterest is just for fun and for saving beautiful pictures and ideas.

Sounds familiar? I felt so overwhelmed and clueless, but eventually, I figured it out and I bet you can to it as well, even if you read about Pinterest for a business first time in your life.

How was I able to overcome that feeling? I’ve started to use BoardBooster*. Keep on reading and you’ll get more information about it.

After research, I’ve decided to change my personal account to a business one, changed the name to @mintswiftdesign and added relevant boards showcasing my design work, as well as the one targeted to my ideal client. You can convert your Pinterest account from a personal account to a business account here.

I’ve set up rich pins for my website, branded my boards and pin stuff when I had time. But was it enough? Was it the best strategy for Pinterest? Of course not. I had to reevaluate my strategy, got research again and again.

On the 18 April, I’ve decided to start using BoardBooster* for my Pinterest business account. I had issues with searching info about it (I’ve found like 1-3 blog post, but not very helpful ones), but I still give it a try and I’m blown away by the results!

Below, you can see a screenshot of my Pinterest analytics on 18 April, pretty disappointing right?

And a month later, after starting to use BoardBooster* my stats looked like this:

I’m shocked because I didn’t expect that awesome improvement (ok, maybe I did, but after few months, not just ONE) and can’t wait to see results improving, from month to month.

I understand that you might probably first hear the word “BoardBooster*”, that’s why I have answered some questions you might have about growing Pinterest visibility and using BoardBooster*.

This is the first time you hear about BoardBooster? Don’t worry, I’ll explain that in a sec.

But first off, what is a BoardBooster?

BoardBooster is a tool for Pinterest, that helps you schedule all pins for chosen boards. What does it mean in practice? You can choose boards what you want to schedule pins for and BoardBooster* will create a secret board with the same name of the chosen board, so, for example, I have a board “Design Tips” so BoardBooster* created a secret board called “Design Tips”. Now, you’d have to add pins to this secret board and BoardBooster* would pin those pins to you public board during the day, so don’t worry, it won’t pin like 50 pins at the same time.

Within just one month, I was able to grow my visibility by 500% and didn’t spend thousands of hours and dollars on that.

How many pins should I pin?

I’d say from 20-100. I currently pin around 50, but I’ve started with 20 something and increasing the number during the first month. When you pin more frequently, your Pinterest visibility (audience) would grow because you’d appear in  the home feed on your ideal client’s profile.

50 pins a day sounds crazy, right? But with BoardBooster*, it won’t take hours a day, maybe up to 3 hours per week. Actually, you can set up pins on one day and forget about Pinterest (almost)

Do you set up a day to schedule all pins for BoardBooster* or do you pin every day?

I usually pin all the scheduled pins on Saturday on Sunday and as I said before, at first it took me like 3 hours, but now it takes less time. Why 3 hours? Because I check almost all the pins before I schedule them, to make sure my readers would get the most in-depth and valuable posts. (but you don’t have to do it if you want to)

Those 50 pins you’ve mentioned, do you have them schedule into one board or across few boards?

I schedule the 50 pins across 9 boards (I think I have 5 boards scheduled in the beginning)

I don’t have time for Pinterest, how the hell I can pin 50 a day?

BoardBooster* takes care of 90%, your only task is to choose boards (BoardBooster* would create a board with the same title (source board), but add “-“ before it) and pin to those boards which is 10% (or even less).

Actually, it would give you alerts if you forgot to add pins to source boards and trust me – in time, it would take less than an hour to schedule all the pins to the boards. If you don’t check the pins (I mean like, don’t read the blog post from the pin), scheduling the pins would probably take you like 30 minutes. I check most of the pins because I don’t want my audience to see a pin with a broken link or something. Actually, BoardBooster* has this feature called “Pin doctor” which will show you pins with broken links. I’ve run the free test on my “MintSwift Design” board and it worked.

What is the best part of growing my Pinterest visibility? My audience, engagement, followers and most importantly TRAFFIC increases every day by using BoardBooster*! Awesome right?

Let’s sum it up: How to grow Pinterest Visibility (by 500% or more in one month )?

  1. Pin at least 20-50 pins a day – to increase the chance of popping up in someone’s home Pinterest feed (probably your ideal client, yay!)
  2. Use 80/20 rule – repin 80% other people stuff and add 20% of your own
  3. Pin the same pin to multiple, relevant boards
  4. Use BoardBooster* – automate your Pinterest, schedule pins in advance, loop your old pins
  5. Prepare pins for next week on one day in the previous week – don’t waste the time of going to Pinterest every day (it can be soooo addictive!), set apart one day in the week (up to 3 hours) to schedule pins to secret boards BoardBooster* created
  6. Loop your old pins to make sure your one-year-old blog post get noticed today
  7. Check out your analytics from time to time – set up a date to check how your pins perform and are blown away by the results (like me)

If you still hesitating, whether to try to use BoardBooster* to boost your traffic and visibility, think how much time a day, a week or a month you send on Pinterest instead with your loved ones or developing and improving your business? As a small business owner myself, I know my time is precious, so I try to automate as many things as I can. BoardBooster* has 100 free pins, so you can always let it go, by trust me, you won’t.


I hope you find this post helpful and now it’s time for your action. Sign-up for BoardBooster* today and take your business to the next level. Fingers crossed, I know you can do it! And then, share your results with me below, I’d love to hear them!

xo Adrianna

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Liz Hall

    Thanks for the tips. I have a question, since you changed your personal account to a business account did you delete all your old personal pin boards? I have had pinterest since it came out and have pinned tons of random stuff over the years. I am launching a blog in the next 2 weeks and I am wondering what to do about my old boards. Thanks

    1. You’re welcome, Liz! I’m glad you found them helpful 😉

      To answer your question, I deleted some of the boards that were no longer relevant to me (like you said, I also pinned tonnes of random images over the years). However, I keep the ones that I wanted but change them to secret boards.

      I always advise keeping (as public boards) the boards that are relevant to your target audience.

      In short: if you feel like the boards will be relevant to them, keep them, if not, delete or make as secret. I hope that helps! 😉

  2. Angela Mary

    o0o0o0o What an informative post! I love Pinterest. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and BoardBooster made such a huge difference! Pinterest can be really addictive as you’ve said. I used to pin about 10-20 pins a day, but now I try to pin a little over 50-60 and my followers increased overnight. These are some great tips! I love how you’ve summarized all of your points at the end of your Blog Post. Overall Adrianna, I love the design of your Blog and I’m a huge fan. Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you so much, Angela! Yeah, BoardBooster is a life saviour, I can’t imagine pinning every day manually. 50-60 a day is a great number, now I actually loop around 60-70 😉 I love to summarise the long post, I know it can get overwhelming and confusing. Thank you so much for all the compliments and thank you for following along! xx

  3. Catryn

    This is a great post! Have you ever used Tailwiind? I would be curious to know how you think the two compare.

    Sweet Horizon

    1. MintSwift

      Thanks. Personally, I haven’t, but I know many business owners use Tailwind. I love BoardBooster for a looping feature which Tailwind doesn’t have 😉

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