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How to Create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Blog & Business

At the end of November 2016, Pinterest introduced the new feature for a Pinterest business accounts called Showcase. In this post, you’ll learn what is a Pinterest Showcase, why you should create a showcase for your brand, what to put on the Showcase and How to create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Blog & Business. If you still hesitate to switch to the business account, click over to read 5 benefits of having a Pinterest business account. Not to mention, it’s mandatory to have a business account if you’re using it for business purposes.

When I first saw the big slider on my Pinterest account, I instantly thought “it’s a great alternative to cover photo like on Facebook or Twitter”. Not to mention, it’s a great way to highlight board with your content when you’re a blogger displaying your articles, service provider showcasing your portfolio or shop owner presenting your products.



It’s a rotating slider with hand-picked boards (or buyable pins) which helps your highlight your best content and make a great first impression. You can add up to five boards to the showcase and edit it as much as you like on the desktop web. The showcase is located below the profile information and above the boards, so it’s the second thing pinners see when they visit your profile.



As I’ve mentioned, you should see the Pinterest showcase as a cover image for your brand on Pinterest. With Showcase, you have a chance to enhance your brand experience further, besides pinnable images for your blog posts or custom board covers.

Again, the showcase is a great way to highlight boards with your own content. If you haven’t created a board JUST with your own content, do it now. It should be your first board in the Showcase and on your profile.

Pinterest Showcase comes in handy for those of you who have a lot of boards like 50-100+, again you can highlight the most important boards there. It can help pinners decide whether they want to look through your profile and boards or if the content you’re posting is not relevant to them. That’s why it’s important to curate the boards and pins you’re sharing, so they can “help” you make a killer first impression, rather than scare away your viewers.



If you’re thinking what do add to the board with your own content think of pins like portfolio pieces, pins introducing your services, product pins, blog posts etc. just remember, only pins you’ve created. Why should you highlight the board with your own content? Well, to get traffic to your website, to get your products or services in front of your audience, to grow your email list and showcase your brand on Pinterest.

If you’re lifestyle, seasonal or similar blogger, you can attract your potential readers by showcasing the boards with seasonal content like gift guides, DIY tutorials, home décor and more.

It can also work for entrepreneurs who sell digital products, so when there’s a “season” (the launch week/month) for their product they can put the board with the content relevant to their product.



If you don’t like the Showcase feature on Pinterest, you don’t have to use it. Simply don’t add any boards to the slots.




1. This is how the showcase looks like when you don’t add any boards to it:

How to create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Blog & Business MintSwift

2. Hover your mouse over your showcase and click the red + button or the pencil edit icon

How to create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Blog & Business MintSwift

3. Now, select up to five boards to feature in your Pinterest showcase slots

How to create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Blog & Business MintSwift

4. Click the arrow on the right of each slot and select the boards and click Save

How to create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Blog & Business MintSwift

5. And voila! You can see how my new Pinterest Showcase looks like and how it works (you can use the arrow buttons to see next slot (board) or wait few seconds to see the next slot without manually clicking it) below:

How to create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Blog & Business MintSwift

Have you created a Pinterest Showcase for your blog and business yet? What board did you put there? I’d love to see it in the comments.

xo Adrianna

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  1. Myla Pierce

    I have a business account but I’m not getting the show case option? Has it gone away all ready?

  2. Katherine

    Love this! I was wondering how to best use this feature!

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