My Blog Posts from 2018 on Branding, Design, Portfolio, Tech Tutorials, WordPress, Blog & Business - MintSwift

My Blog Posts from 2018 on Branding, Design, Portfolio, Tech Tutorials, WordPress, Blog & Business

2018 may not have been the best year for my blog’s consistency – I posted only 9 blog posts. Why? Because I spent most of my working days on the thing I love the most about my business – working on brand & websites for my amazing clients. I’m so grateful and happy to be able to work with such inspiring creative entrepreneurs!

In early 2018, I had a 180-degree life change, because my husband and I moved to London. We also planned our wedding in 2 months (while we were working with clients!). It was a crazy time, but so worth it! The wedding was back in Poland so we had to arrange everything through email or phone. And then we had flown twice – once to see our wedding venue (yep, we booked it without seeing it!) and then a few days before the wedding.

I also introduced a new service for my existing clients which is an hourly basis, where I help them with WordPress, design additional brand collaterals, provide them with technical help and more.

Today, I wanted to share all of my posts from 2018 on Branding, Design, Portfolio, WordPress, Tech Tutorials, Blog & Business. This is the third time I’m writing a blog post like this, so I guess it’s starting to become a blog post series 😉

Check out the post about my blog posts from 2016 and my blog posts from 2017 below or in the blog archives:

Let’s dive in, shall we?!

As I mentioned in 6 lessons I learned from my second year of business I changed up my blog categories to Design, Branding, WordPress, Portfolio,Blog & Business, Tech Tutorials.

Just before the end of 2018, I shared a post called: 9 Essential Components of one-of-a-kind Brand Design

In the design category, I shared a post which I wanted to write ages ago called – RGB vs CMYK Colours + What is a Difference Between Them

I had a pleasure to work with some amazing brand & website design clients in 2018! I was so busy (with client’s work and the wedding!) that I haven’t had a chance to share all of the projects I work with yet (stayed tuned, though! ;)).

But I’m happy to announce that I was able to share three portfolio posts: one about the Brand Design for Nicky Jones, the second (about my biggest project) Brand & E-commerce + Membership Website Design for Scrap Me Quick Designs and then Brand & Website Design for Creatively Beth

By the way, this year, I’m reactivating my WordPress 101 series 😉

Again, I shared the post I had in mind for a long time – how to Install Fonts on Windows & Mac

What’s coming next in 2019 for MintSwift?

Ever since my husband and I moved to London (April 2018), my lifestyle changed a lot. I’m trying to work on a better life-work balance since. I must admit that as a solopreneur (and perfectionist) I struggle with that because I love what I do and I constantly look for new ways to improve or update my business. Nonetheless to say, ever since April 2018, I try to work smarter than harder, so working fewer hours, but more productively and efficiently.

I’m calling 2019 the year of simplicity, meaning that I plan to intentionally divide my time between my business (client’s work and working on my business e.g. writing blog posts) and my personal life. I’ll continue to focus only on things that work for my business and scrap the ones that are just a waste of time. I definitely want to focus more on my blog than on social media (actually, I deleted Twitter a few weeks ago)

Which of my posts from 2018 is your favourite? Do you have a word for 2019?

xo Adrianna

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