Premade Logos Now Available in MintSwift Shop - MintSwift

Premade Logos Now Available in MintSwift Shop

*UPDATE 14.09.2017* The premade branding kits* Premade Logos from MintSwift Shop has been redesigned. Click here to read the blog post about the update and see all the redesigned branding kits and logos

MintSwift Shop is finally open! I’m so excited to share more information about it with you today. Shop with premade logo designs, has been my dream for about a year. I simply love creating a logos and it’s my main speciality. I’m so happy to share my expertise with all amazing lady bosses out here!

MintSwift premade logos were created with a thought of small business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. My affordable premade logo options allow you to develop your brand identity at a fraction of the cost of logo package when you just starting out or simply you’re not ready for custom logo.

I know as a small business owner myself, that investing in logo design, can be challenging, especially when you just starting out and there are tons of other expenses.

I understand that not everyone is ready for a custom brand design that’s why I offer a premade logo designs in MintSwift Shop.

All premade logos can be modified to reflect your company name, and if applicable, your tagline. There are also Add-Ons if you’d like something changed in chosen premade logo or branding kit, retire your branding kit or logo and preview branding kit or logo.

What is the best part? All premade logos are designed in Adobe Illustrator* (not Photoshop), so the vector files are available for you to purchase! What does a vector mean? It means that your logo can be resized to any size, without losing its quality.

Premade logo is a perfect solution if you want your logo to be designed by Graphic Designer and you have a limited budget.

This post contains affiliate links marked with (*) for products I recommend. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Here are all premade logos available now in MintSwift Shop:

Premade Branding Kits & Premade Logos from MintSwift Shop

If you haven’t heard of a premade logos before, there are some most common questions answered below:


But what is exactly the premade logo?

A premade logo is a graphic, logo template prepared in advance, which can be customized to reflect your business name and tagline (if applicable)

What is the Add-On?

Add-On is an additional service to a premade logo or branding kit which allows you to make changes in chosen premade logo or branding kit, retire your branding kit or logo and preview branding kit or logo.

What is a difference between logo package and premade logo?

Brand design or brand & website design from my services are custom designs, which means that client actively participates in the design process, by providing me with all the information, style preferences, feedback etc. All brands from brand design or brand & website design packages are custom-made, which means that are created from scratch with help from a client. Premade logos, on the other hand, are designed by me in advance. I simply change company name and tagline (if applicable) in your chosen premade template to your business name and your tagline. Your only task as a client is to choose a premade logo template and Add-Ons (if needed) and provide me with information needed.

Now probably the most important questions, so question about turnaround and final files:


What is the turnaround time?

You’ll receive watermarked logo proof within 1-3 days after purchase, then depends on of when feedback and approval will be given and what changes are needed, you’ll receive final files 1-3 days after approval. The whole process usually takes from 1-2 weeks.

What final files I’ll receive?

  • a transparent background PNG file,  300 dpi,
  • a white background JPG file, 300 dpi

It’s time to showcase all the logos:

Which one is your favourite and why? I’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts, and any recommendation. I’ll be adding more premade logos in time and can’t wait to share them with you!

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Premade Logos Now Available in MintSwift Shop - MintSwift
Premade Logos Now Available in MintSwift Shop MintSwift
Premade Logos Now Available in MintSwift Shop by MintSwift

xo Adrianna

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