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How to Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest in 3 Simple Steps. Grow Your Blog Traffic & Get Noticed on Pinterest

Rich Pins add extra details to Pins from your website, which means that the pin will show your branding (favicon) title of your blog post and description, also information about you (pinner) and call to action buttons.

There are five types of Rich Pins:

  • Movie
  • Recipe
  • Article
  • Product
  • Place

Without Rich Pins, your blog seems unprofessional and they are essential in getting most of Pinterest to use it as a funnel to your website, not just another profile when you get followers and admirers, not clients.

In fact, Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, it’s a search engine, so followers on Pinterest doesn’t matter as much as you think, but let’s keep it for another blog post 😉

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  • having Rich Pins increases click-through rates to your website by 70%, so they’re growing your blog traffic
  • more people visiting your Pinterest profile
  • more repins (saves) and likes to your own pins
  • your blog and website seem more professional even if you just starting out
  • more Pinterest followers



  • no headline (blog post title)
  • no author information
  • no pin description
  • no specific call to action (only visit not read it)
  • no date


  • blog post title
  • author information
  • pin description
  • two call to actions (Read it & Get more pins from)
  • date
  • it’s clear that’s a blog post (article)

What are you waiting for?! I know it might seem a bit confusing, but it’s actually super easy. You can see all Rich Pins from MintSwift here You don’t have to be tech-savvy to enable Rich Pins for your website. In fact, you need to take only 3 simple steps to do it.



Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) plugin and it’s one of the essential WordPress plugins and hopefully, you already have it installed on your website, if not just click here or search for it in the WordPress plugins section, then install and activate the plugin. Now go to Yoast’s settings in a left sidebar and go to SEO > Social > Facebook and make sure the Add Open Graph meta data box is enabled. (Note – you need to have the Advanced settings enabled in Yoast to see Social page. Go to SEO > Dashboard > Features and scroll down to Advanced settings pages and choose Enable)



Now, do you Rich Pin Validator by clicking here and enter a link to one of your blog posts, it doesn’t matter what blog post. Btw, you only need to put one link and it’ll validate your whole domain. Then click Validate.



After validating, you should see a message that says Your Pin’s have been validated! Apply to enable your Rich Pins. Make sure everything is correct and scroll down and you’ll see a box with a link to your website and select HTML tags, now click Apply now and woohoo! you, my friend, just enabled Rich Pins for your website!

Now you have to wait for Pinterest to review your site and according to Pinterest Your Rich Pins will show up within the hour. Once you receive your approval, your pins will display your website name with favicon. You just entered a new level for your blog and website and I’m so happy for you!

Have you installed Rich Pins on your site? Did you notice a difference in your blog traffic?

xo Adrianna

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Jillian

    Thank you for this! I have been struggling with this for some time 🙂 Hopefully I get an email back and I’m good to go!

  2. Paula Worth

    Hi Adrianna, Thank you for this article. I tried to do this by reading another bloggers steps but they were missing a couple of steps and it wasn’t easy to follow. I was able to get it done by following your steps.
    If I could make just one little suggestion to you though, it would be for your links to open in a separate window when clicked on cause I had to end up opening another window to be able to keep up with reading the steps and not lose my place on the Pinterest page.
    Thank you for writing helpful content!

    1. Hi Paula,

      You’re welcome! I’m so happy to hear that you found this post helpful and easy to follow.

      Oh my gosh! ? I thought I had my links set up to be open in a new window ? Thank you so much for pointing that out, I’ll update it right away

  3. Emily

    Fantastic and easy advice. I’m so mad it took me so long to do this, so thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! I’m glad to hear that you were able to enable your Rich Pins with this tutorial 😉

  4. Maegen

    Thanks for this helpful blog post. I had tried to understand how to do this through another blog and I go so confused. Yours was very easy. Now I am just waiting on the approval

    1. You’re welcome, Maegen! I’m glad to hear that you found my post easy to understand – that was my intentions 😉

  5. Gina Marie

    Whenever I do tis I get the message back “we are unable to retrieve any data from your URL” I have done all the steps. I have Yoast SEO installed. My website is already confirmed because I use pinterest analytics. What do I do. I’m so frustrated.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you have been having troubles with the Rich pins validator.

      Did you try typing different links to your site, for example, link to one of your pages like homepage instead of one of your blog posts instead and then clicking “Fetch New Scrape Information”?

      If that doesn’t help, I highly recommend contacting Pinterest support, they are helpful and reply fast 😉

  6. Amanda Suazo

    Adrianna, you mentioned that followers don’t really matter on Pinterest–I never knew! Why is that? Is SEO just more powerful?

    1. Thanks for asking Amanda! Yeah, I wrote an entire blog post about it which you can find here

      You’re right, Pinterest SEO is far more important than a number of followers. I see so many bloggers worrying about the followers instead of focus on getting traffic or building your list which is probably their goal for Pinterest, rather than getting # of followers, so they’re missing the bigger picture.

  7. Stacey Hagen

    Pinterest scares me and so I haven’t been as active. Thank you for demystifying rich pins and sharing these tips!

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