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How to Design Custom Pinterest Board Covers. One Easy Way to Brand Your Pinterest Boards

In order to get recognition online, you need to maintain a brand consistency across all your social media platforms. What does it mean? You should constantly use the same font and colour palette, graphic elements, logo and take pictures in similar style, every time when you’re creating graphics or take brand photos.

You can read all about branding your Pinterest profile in this post, but today, I wanted to talk more in-depth about Pinterest board covers. The quickest and the easiest way to make sure your Pinterest boards fits your brand is to design custom board covers using your brand colours, fonts and other elements like patterns or photography. In this post, I’ll show you how to design custom Pinterest board covers in Illustrator* and how to upload and add a custom board cover image on Pinterest.

Pinterest has been having layout changes a lot in this year and recently I got the newest layout and my old covers didn’t work for it anymore. If you still have an old layout, the dimension I shared in how to brand your Pinterest profile post, should work for you, but keep in mind that the bottom might get cut out. Unfortunately (because of the constant changes) there’s no FINAL and official board covers size yet, but I’ll do my best to update this post in case something changes.

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Board cover is a board image, which should be the best representation of the kinds of pins on the board. Think about it like it’s a little version of a Facebook cover for your Business page. It’s an easy way to showcase your brand on Pinterest like you should be doing on other platforms using covers.


MintSwift custom board covers on Pinterest profile

I’ve been using custom board covers since summer this year, but I needed to change them because they didn’t fit the new layout anymore. I had 12 custom board covers which you can see below:

MintSwift custom board covers on Pinterest profile

In this layout, the board cover is square not a rectangle, so the board name gets cut off on sides. I had to redesign my covers for this layout.



As you already know, I use Adobe Illustrator* for all my graphics, but you can also use other programs like Photoshop*, Gimp, Inkscape etc.  I highly recommend Illustrator*, because you can simply create one file and use it as a template for as many board covers as you want, not to mention it’s super easy to edit in case Pinterest changes their layout again.



I used the Firefox Page Inspector (F12) to determine the current size for the board cover on Pinterest and it’s 200x200px



Open Illustrator* and create a new 200x200px document, RGB colours, 300 dpi (we want to save images at 300dpi to increase its sizes to 833×833 because Pinterest reduces the image quality and we don’t want to have blurry board covers)



1. On a left toolbar, click the Rectangle tool (M) and draw the 200x200px rectangle, then click Fill and choose colour # 90CDC3 in my case

2. Draw another rectangle, 200x150px, place it on top of the mint rectangle

3. Go to Window > Align and choose Vertical Distribute Center

4. Change the colour to #2F2D2A, go to Transparency and choose 10%

5. Draw another rectangle, 195x145px, place it on top of the black rectangle, change the colour to #F7F8F8, again go to Align and choose Vertical Distribute Center

6. Choose Type Tool (T) font Montserrat semi-bold for word MintSwift and regular for Design, 28px, tracking 100 and place it at X 100px and Y 100px

7. And you’re done!



1.  Click the Artboard Tool (Shift + O) and select the board cover you’ve just created and drag it while holding alt and Shift

2.  Click on the background of the second board cover, click the Fill and change the background colour, in my case it’s #50AFBE

3.  Change the board name to MintSwift Blog posts using Montserrat regular, 25px, tracking 100 and change the colour by selecting the board cover title and using the Eyedropper Tool (I) and taking the colour from the background

4. And you’re done!

Now – repeat the steps from the tutorial above to create other board covers



1. Upload each of your covers by clicking on the + icon on the right top of the page and click Upload an image

2. Click Upload an image and choose the image you want to upload. Add link to your website in Destination URL box and click Continue

3. Add a description using keywords to the pin related to the board and pick a board

4.  Now go to your profile and Click on a board you want to change the cover for and then click the pencil icon and select Cover > Change

5. You’ll see your cover image. Click Save Changes (for some reason the board preview looks differently, but don’t worry)

6. Go back to your profile clicking your profile picture and refresh the page (F5), now you should be able to see new board cover

Repeat this process for all your boards in you want to have custom board cover


MintSwift custom board covers on Pinterest profile with new layout

This time, I’ve decided to create custom board covers for all my Pinterest boards (except for the group boards II’mmember of) and I added more boards: Pinterest Tips, Branding & Logo Tips, Website & SEO + Traffic Tips, Pattern Design, Print & Collateral Design and Packaging Design. Also, I rearranged my boards a little bit.


I highly encourage you to use custom Pinterest board covers. Your Pinterest profile will not only look so much better and more cohesive but also be branded which gives you a chance to let your brand shine through Pinterest. It might also increase click thoughs to your boards because pinners can actually see the board title on an image (board cover) and don’t need to read the title below, which has limited characters count (only around 27 characters are seen).


What do you think about using custom Pinterest board covers? Are you using custom board covers? Feel free to share a link to your Pinterest profile with custom board covers below, I’d love to see it!

xo Adrianna

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  1. George MArtini

    Hello Adrianna,
    First of all, thank you for the free advice on setting up Pinterest board covers. I am very new at this. My blog is It is out there, but I have not started to add more post. Want to get Pinterest setup first. I am able to upload my custom Pinterest board cover. The only problem I have is how do you set it up to look like your new covers. It looks like your covers cover most of the board. My boards are divided into six uneven sections and my board cover only covers one section in the upper left-hand corner. Can you help? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi George,

      You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear that you found it helpful 😉

      You need to set up the image you uploaded to the board as the board cover, please take a look at the points 4-6 under “HOW TO ADD A CUSTOM BOARD COVER IMAGES TO PINTEREST” section in this post.

      I hope that helps 😉


  2. Kris Kelbrants

    Hello Adrianna, is this post still relevant. Meaning is it recommended to use a custom pinterest board. I am trying to create pins similar to the pin style used by “FitFoodieFinds” and many others similar. I don’t want to copy it, but can you tell me is she using a custom pinterest board? When I pin, I get a rich pin (figured that out) but there is no branding on my pins? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Kris,

      Yes, this post is still relevant and I think that having custom Pinterest board covers is beneficial for your brand because it creates a visual consistency.

      Fit Foodie Finds doesn’t have custom board covers though, she just picked one of her pins as the board covers.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “there is no branding on your pins” could you clarify, please?

    1. Thanks, Caroline! I’m so happy to hear that this post was helpful for you 😉 Did you go into the board that you want to change the cover for? so for example, click through to your Travel photography tips board and then click the pencil icon > Cover > Change and choose the cover. I hope that helps 🙂

  3. Fumiko Umemoto

    Thank you for sharing! I used Pinterest recently. but i don’t get trraffic to my board so much. Do I need custom pintrest board?

  4. I love this colorful tutorial! Thanks for posting about it. Keep up the great work here and live unstoppable!

  5. Lenny Richardson

    You posting this is amazing timing! Literally just earlier today I was wondering how to design pinterest covers and how to get involved on that platform. Thanks a lot for the content!

  6. Jiselle

    Nice! I want to organis my Pinterest and this is just the help I need. thanks much!

    1. You’re welcome Jiselle! Please share your profile once you organise your Pinterest profile 😉

  7. Allie Rae

    This is so helpful! Pinterest is a scary place for me but I need to jump in and get it done. Thank you for this easy tutorial!

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