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How my Creative Process Looks Like

UPDATE 24.10.2017 – My design process has changed since writing this blog post. To read about the current brand & website design process, head over to this page

How My Creative Process Looks Like? Click on image and read more, or pin it for later!
How My Creative Process Looks Like? Click on image and read more, or pin it for later!
How my creative process looks like and Why having a process is important? | MintSwift Design
As a creative entrepreneur, I’ve been able to establish my own creative process for custom logo designs. It may seem like creating a logo, illustration or any other graphic design piece is easy and only requires drawing in Adobe Illustrator* for few minutes.
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As a Graphic Designer, my main task is to come up with a solution for client struggling with a logo design. Coming up with the solution requires more than one step – in my case, there are eleven steps (but there will be 6 posts)
The creative process is a way, of collaborating with clients and it contains steps that are taken to get a specific project done. Every creative has their own process of doing things, but to be honest, I think the process is very important in any occupation.

Every graphic designer eventually comes up with their own plan how they work with clients. Some of the steps may overlap, with another designer, but they will never be the same.

I’ve thought it might be helpful to spend the next few weeks sharing my own creative process. The goal of this series is to help my clients understand what’s going to happen through our project, what they can expect me and what I’ll expect from them.

Next week you’ll see the first step of my creative process, but at first, I think it would be helpful to explain why having your creative process is useful in the first place.

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Why it’s important to have a process:

1. It creates transparent cooperation

 Having a timeframe and step-by-step guidelines makes the whole collaboration easier. It’s less stressful when the client knows the outline of the entire process.

2. It helps client to understand the project

 It’s beneficial for both client and designer when, they know every step ahead, they realise what to expect from you.

3. It forms a structure

 Defining a process will help you set up a timeline, including deadlines and what client should expect from you on a specific day during this timeframe.

Why do you think having a creative process is important? Do you use step-by-step process in your own work?
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How my Creative Process Looks Like - MintSwift
How my Creative Process Looks Like MintSwift
How my Creative Process Looks Like by MintSwift

xo Adrianna

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  1. Hello! I totally agree! I am currently studying as a graphic designer, and when i get comissions, i have a whole process. Sketching, font research, color research, a logo in different styles (so they have enough choices) and the final design!

    1. Hi Chelsea!
      Yes, I think having a process is crucial – without it you’ll feel lost.
      I’ll be sharing more detailed steps within few weeks, so stay tuned 😉
      Good luck on your studies and feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Graphic Design 😉

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