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One Easy Pinterest Trick to Get More Blog Traffic. How to Hide a Vertical, Pinnable Blog Post Graphics for Pinterest

When you just started your blog and you have five blog post, you probably don’t have a lot of your own content to share on Pinterest. It’s not a secret – long, vertical images work better on Pinterest rather than square and small, but not everyone wants to include a giant image for the blog post or want to include five different blog post graphic within the post because it’ll look cluttered and can distract your reader.

Today, I want to share my secret weapon which helps me get more traffic from Pinterest, by making my content visible to more people. Don’t worry! It may sound complicated, but it’s actually so easy, it’s just a simple code and design! Let’s begin 😉

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Before we start, to better understand what I’m about to teach you to follow these steps:

1. Install browser Pin it button (I’m using Firefox)

2. Now, go to my previous blog post How to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest in 3 simple steps. Grow your blog traffic & get noticed on Pinterest  and click the pin it browser button

3. You’ll bunch of images from main blog page, but besides featured image for that post, there are three different pinnable images for this blog post (pink border)

4. And you’re about to learn how to hide images within your post or on your pages

Excited?! 😉


So first, obviously you’d have to design blog post images. I usually design one main image which I choose as a featured image and then up to six different images which fit my brand. As I’ve mentioned, you can also do this trick for other pages on your website like I have multiple pinnable graphics for my Pinazing Results course. This method not only helps you experiment and see which of your designs has more potential and get more repins but also increases chances that someone would find that blog post because you shared more than one blog post image on Pinterest. This easy trick, helped me grew my traffic from Pinterest and make it my largest referral within few months.

Ok, so how to hide a vertical image for Pinterest in your post?

1. Create an image (I use Illustrator*)

2. Upload it to your media library

3. Switch over to the Text editor and put that into the post

4. Find the image code (image tag)

5. Now let’s add little code in front of the image tag which will hide it

<div style=”display: none;”>

6. Now let’s close that code by adding </div> at the end of the image tag

7. When you switch back to visual editor your image is not visible anymore

8. Save the post and see how it looks like live

9. Now click on the Pin it button in your browser and you should see the image we just hide

10. Let’s back to our Text editor and within the image, tag find alt which is an alt tag for our Pin description (I already put it when after I upload the image)

11. Type or paste your pin description in here

12. And you’re ready to pin that image to Pinterest! 😉

Told ya! This was an easy trick, right?

If you’re getting the most of Pinterest SEO, you probably know it by now, that alt text (alt tag) is essential. It also helps you in SEO general for other search engines like Google. Basically, is the text alternative to a web image, in case the page is displayed as text only.

So when someone would search for phrases like “how to hide vertical image for Pinterest” in Google Images and I have it included in my alt tag, my post will pop up. It’s similar on Pinterest, when someone types the phrase “how to hide vertical image for Pinterest” in the Pinterest search bar, pin linking to my blog post will be there (again alt tags). Alt tags are important because this is usually the description of the pin which one of the Pin it buttons pulls off.

Hiding a vertical image within your post for Pinterest is a great way to grow your traffic, audience and Pinterest profile and it’s a simple way to have more than one pinnable image for blog post, because let’s face it – sometimes it’s hard to choose only one image for the post and as much as we all love seeing images, it’s just annoying to see more than one blog post graphic within the post.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and easy to process and you won’t get scared of that little code:

<div style=”display: none;”>YOUR IMAGE URL</div>

Have you tried that simple trick, yet so you can get more traffic from Pinterest? I’d love to see what pinnable images you’ve created!

xo Adrianna

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  1. Emily

    I am so curious how to create the darling ‘pin this post’ corral to hold the 3 Pinterest images! I’d love to know how I could create something similar. Let me know if this is something you would be open to sharing!

    1. Hi Emily,

      It depends on which theme/page builder you use. It’s simply a section with three/four columns in it and images added there. I might write a blog post about it one day.

      I hope that helps though 😉

  2. Hi Adrianna,
    I’ve put the code in which works well, however the image then does not show when I go to the pin it button. Any idea why?

    Thank you!

  3. Christina Ochoa

    Thank you for this! I’m trying very hard to improve my pinterest! I’m on the Divi theme and for some reason my rich pins went away! Hoping to learn more about pinterest! xoxo

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