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Digital Illustration Challenge

A while ago, I came up with a design challenge to hone in my digital illustration skills. I finally found the courage to start sharing what I come up! There were several categories in the challenge: nature, food, travel, office & home. And (as you know me), there is a colour palette involved.

All of these flat design illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator* Enjoy!

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Digital Illustration Challenge

15 vector illustrations in flat design style

If you can’t wait to see all of the illustrations from the challenge, watch a video below:

Day 1 - Cactus

Potted houseplant, cacti illustration inspired by the chopping board I found a way back in London’s TK Maxx and have been using it ever since. I’m definitely a crazy plant lady, so anything with flower/plant motif melts my heart

Vector illustration of a cactus in flat design style. Light green cacti, with yellow & orange flowers, inside of a pink pot on a light grey background

Day 2 - Leaf

A lot of my vector illustrations are heavily influenced by nature. Here’s a flat design minimalist leaf drawing.

Dark green simple leaf vector illustration in flat design style on a light mint background

Day 3 - Umbrella

It’s time to debunk the biggest myth – everyone says that London is the rainiest city out there. After living here for almost 2 years (time flies!) I can confidently say that it’s so far from the truth!

I designed this brolly illustration based on the famous Queen’s umbrella. I actually got one for my birthday (dreams come true!) but I barely use it

Vector illustration of Queen’s Fulton umbrella in flat design style. Transparent domed umbrella drawing with navy blue handle and light purple background

Day 4 - Water Drop

I don’t know why, but I always find water drops inspiring, especially on plants after the rain. 

Vector illustration of a blue water drop in flat design style on light yellow background

Day 5 - Lollipop

My out of the box approach to lollipop illustration. 

Green lollipop vector illustration in flat design style on dark green background

Day 6 - Strawberry

Strawberry flat design illustration. Summer vibes during Winter 

Vector illustration of a strawberry in flat design style. Red fruit with yellow seeds on the outside and three green leaves on a light green background

Day 7 - Toast

A healthy toast with tomato & basil 

Vector illustration of a toast with tomato slices and basil leaves in flat design style on a sky blue background

Day 8 - Popcorn

I’m usually a fan of salty snacks, but recently I enjoy toffee popcorn hence this illustration 

Navy blue bag with popcorn vector illustration in flat design style on a green background

Day 9 - Beach hut

Inspired by the famous British beach huts around the seaside 

Vector illustration of a grey and light blue British beach hut in flat design style on a light yellow background

Day 10 - Mountains

Ever since I was 5 years old, I went on mountain-holiday with my sister & parents. They’ll always have a special place in my heart

Snow-covered light grey mountain peaks vector illustration in flat design style on an orange background

Day 11 - Seashell

Whenever I’m at the sea, I always go seashell hunting 

Light blue and white seashell vector illustration in flat design style on a pink background

Day 12 - Hourglass

There’s something profound about hourglasses. Maybe it’s that they allow you to focus on a moment.

Vector illustration of an orange and yellow hourglass in flat design style on a light grey background

Day 13 - Calendar

Everyone seems to dread 13th, especially Friday’s. But my husband and I love them! Why? Because we became an official couple on 13th September, almost 12 years ago. The fun fact is that ever since, whenever we can, we’ve been celebrating monthaversaries 

Dark green vector illustration of a calendar showing the day 13th Friday in flat design style on a sky blue background

Day 14 - Pillows

Digital illustration of pillows, for all the sleepyheads out there

Vector illustration of blue and green pillows in flat design style on a light grey background

Day 15 - Pencil holder

This is the last day of my illustration challenge! Let’s wrap it up with a bunch of art supplies in a pencil pot

Vector illustration of a light mint pencil holder including yellow pencil, sky blue ruler & navy blue ball pen with a yellow button in flat design style on a dark green background

I’m so excited for 2020! Happy New Year Minties! 🥂💚🥳🎉

Which of these Digital Illustrations is your favourite? 

xo Adrianna

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