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My Creative Process Part Three

UPDATE 24.10.2017 – My design process has changed since writing this blog post. To read about the current brand & website design process, head over to this page

Research step sets apart professional designers from beginners. Also, when you DIY your logo, you’re probably missing this part too. Coming up with the ideas of logos (my next step) is fairly easy when research step is done properly. Without research, you can spend days, weeks or even months perfecting your design and overthinking it.  Read the second part here.

Today, I’ll share more about next steps in my creative process which are “Concepts” and “Presentation”. These are my favourite steps because they are all about design!

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Let’s start with my definition of a logo concept. Logo concept is an idea translated to graphical representation and it includes font choices, setting up an overall layout, choosing colours and proper style.


Depending on a project and my creativity, concepts are created in a sketchbook or as sketches in Adobe Illustrator*.  Within each project, there might be tonnes of concepts running through my mind, but (depends on chosen package) I present 1-3 to the client.

Why? I noticed , that clients get overwhelmed with more than 3 concepts, it’s just too much information to process at once and let’s face it – choosing your logo can be pretty intimidating and scary. Having too many options, creates unnecessary doubts, both from designer and client side.

You could probably ask me in this moment “Why are you offering only one logo concept within your essential package?” as I mentioned in my latest post, some of my clients have their own, a quite solid idea of a logo, and just need a designer to convert that idea into an actual design. So they don’t need other two concepts and of course, I offer them two rounds of revisions (more in next post)

Concepts (ideas) are based on all information provided by the client, both visual and text. This phase is actually the most time consuming. As a creative person (you can probably relate to that), on some days I have zero ideas and in other I come up with 10 and it’s completely normal.

Of course, creativity is characteristic, that needs to be cared about, creativity block can appear from time to time, but when you stay active and challenge yourself, you’ll overcome them quickly.


After I created concepts for you, it’s time to present them. I used to send dozens of files to the client and it was sooo overwhelming, but I came up with a better solution – I present all concepts in one PDF document, so the client can see all of them side by side. I found this method very effective for me, as it helped my clients choose a concept right away (because they can actually see all of them and don’t have to jump from one file to another, just scroll mouse a bit).

What I actually include in a presentation?

1. Each concept with alternative version (if applicable)

2. Each concept with different colour palettes:

3. Each concept on a mockup (depends on where the logo will be used, in example below this company is online based, so they mainly use their logo in social media like Facebook)

4. All concepts on one page (see in concepts section)

5. All concepts on one page in recommended colours


After I send this document to a client, now it’s time to choose one of the concept to move forward with. I usually recommend one of the concepts – the one I think suits to their brand the most and my clients trust me with my choice and generally choose the recommended concept.

Of course, there’s always an option for me to create more concepts and it’s billed hourly. To be honest, it didn’t happen to me yet, but there is a window for this possibility.

Next week I’ll share more about client’s feedback and revisions.

What do you think about my way of presenting logo concepts? Do you use a similar method when you presenting your work? I’d love to hear that!

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My Creative Process Part Three - MintSwift
My Creative Process Part Three MintSwift
My Creative Process Part Three by MintSwift

xo Adrianna

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