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Brand & Website Design for Oh My Foodie

Brand & website design for Emily Hall from Oh My Foodie was probably one of the most optimistic and bright brands I’ve ever designed. It was definitely the one a bit out of my comfort zone (in terms of super bright and vibrant colours), but it inspired me to change my own brand colours a little bit, so I’m super excited to share the brand identity and website design for Oh My Foodie!
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Below, you’ll find out more about Emily’s brand, her brand keywords, what package did she choose, what was included in the package and what was the individualised solution for Oh My Foodie.
Before I show you each of the design elements of her new brand, I thought it would be great to show you her brand board showcasing all the brand identity elements:
Oh my Foodie brand board- MintSwift
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All right, let’s dive into details!


Emily Hall


Oh My Foodie is a food blog focused on highlighting that eating healthy can be fun and delicious. Emily showcases her yummy recipes with amazing pictures of the food and shares the behind the scenes of the meal creation. For her brand and website design, I focused on creating an identity that would highlight the values of her recipes: natural, organic, optimistic and fresh.


Organic, healthy, clean, optimistic, peaceful, natural, friendly, fresh, inspiring, vegetarian

Quick tip – you can click on a specific design element and it will direct you to its description and image in this post:






Website Design elements

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The brand identity and WordPress website design for Oh My Foodie captured her playful, organic and easy way of sharing healthy recipes with her audience. The custom header with brand pattern invites to look through her new, modern website. The primary logo contains Emily’s favourite fruits which are pineapples and strawberries and the multi-coloured logo works really well even without the colours. I showcased the playfulness of Emily’s brand via bright colours, bold pattern and simple icons, but kept the brand fonts simple and sleek. Her recipes are easy to find even if someone lands on her homepage and each of them has its own blog category.

Below you can see all the brand elements, collaterals and website elements, I’ve designed for her:



Main logo design contains all of the primary colours of her brand identity which is yellow, light and dark green, light blue and pink. I put the emphasis on the word “Foodie!” which is bolder than the rest of the name. The logo is playful and works well even in black and white and with or without the fruity icons.
Oh My Foodie final logo design MintSwift


I’ve designed two alternative logos for Emily. For the first one, I took the first letters from the business name and the second one is a combination of the main logo, plus fun script font for the word “foodie!”
Oh My Foodie alterntive logo designs MintSwift
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Both pineapples and strawberries come up often on Oh My Foodie blog as part of smoothies, desserts or cocktails recipes, therefore they play important role in her brand identity. So for the submark designs, I used both of the fruits and put them in the outlined circle.
Oh My Foodie submark designs MintSwift


“Healthy, optimistic, fresh” – when I heard those adjectives while asking for the brand keywords, I instantly thought of colours below. I added navy blue and black to tone down the colour scheme a bit, so it doesn’t feel too childish.
Oh My Foodie colour palette MintSwift


Emily’s core brand value is to celebrate each of the meal. She truly believes that “we are what we eat” and that healthy, meat-free diet, can improve our lives and help us appreciate the nature more, therefore custom pattern design for Oh My Foodie represents all of Emily’s values.
Oh My Foodie pattern design MintSwift


For the Emily’s Facebook business page, I used her main logo for the cover image, one of the alternative logos and pattern for the profile picture and for the app tabs, the custom confetti-like pattern.
Oh My Foodie Facebook branding MintSwift
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After reading my post about custom board covers, Emily decided that she wanted to have the branded board covers for her own Pinterest profile. Each of the board covers has one of her brand colours and pineapple and strawberry illustrations.
Oh My Foodie Pinterest branding MintSwift


For the twitter branding, I designed cover image featuring her primarily logo with a tagline showing her name in a script font from the alternative logo. You can also see the pattern in the cover image, with a lower opacity. I used the same profile picture as in the Facebook branding to maintain the brand consistency on other social media channels.
Oh My Foodie Twitter branding MintSwift


These days, Pinterest optimised (long, vertical images with text overlay) blog post graphic are crucial in order to drive traffic to a blog post from Pinterest. I designed three different (yet cohesive) blog post graphic templates for Oh My Foodie. The first one has her second alternative logo, photo background with black overlay and for the text, I used her main font and to accent some of the words in the blog post – script font. The second template is featuring her pattern and she decided to use this graphic for round up posts of her recipes she’s doing from time to time. The third one has photo background, but this time, the photo is only partially covered by the yellow overlay. Each of the templates is customizable, so she can open Adobe Illustrator* and simply change the colour overlay, photo background and the text in just a few minutes.
Oh My Foodie Blog post graphic templates MintSwift


An email signature is another way to showcase yourself in other outlets than your website. The one for Oh My Foodie has Emily’s alternative logo, her pattern, all the important info and social media icons in her fun, brand colours.
Oh My Foodie email signature MintSwift


Besides the pineapple and strawberry illustrations, I also designed cherry and lemon one. These illustrations can be used as icons, watermarks or as elements for other brand collaterals she might have in the future.
Oh My Foodie Illustration design MintSwift
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For the website design, Emily wanted a custom header with the pattern, not simply the logo. Her main focus on the homepage is for her readers to click through to read the recipes, therefore I’ve designed a clickable homepage image which redirects to the recipes directory.
Oh My Foodie website header & homepage image design MintSwift


If I’d have to pick my favourite element of Oh My Foodie brand design, is would be this one! I’m in love in the blog categories icons I’ve designed for Emily. They are a fun addition to her brand, but functional at the same time, so her readers can quickly look through the blog categories. You can find them in action on the homepage design below.
Oh My Foodie blog categories icons MintSwift


To improve reader’s experience, I designed three homepage buttons/images which are also a sort of call to action to click through to About page, to download free meal plan and see Emily’s recipes. She places emphasis on her email list, so I created a sign-up form which is placed at the bottom of each of the pages.
Oh My Foodie Homepage buttons & Sign up form MintSwift
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Below, I’ve picked two of the pages designed for Oh My Foodie. There are a homepage and blog page design:

Oh My Foodie WordPress website design MintSwift
I’ve designed a responsive website for Oh My Foodie, using self-hosted WordPress on SiteGround*. The site is easy to navigate and each of the five pages I designed, has a call to action to interest readers, keep them on the site longer and to take action for example, download Emily’s free meal plan and then a subscriber is added to a email sequence where she pitches her recipes e-book in the last email.
The homepage design contains all the elements you’ve seen above so the website header with her main logo and pattern, homepage image with a call to action, three images/buttons which are also a call to action, blog categories icons, and sign up form and blog slider.
On the blog page, there’s a list of the recent blog posts as well as the blog excerpt and a button to read more. Emily didn’t want to have a sidebar on a blog because she wanted to highlight the posts.
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Below you can see how the pages actually look on the computer and mobile mockup.

Oh My Foodie responsive WordPress website design MintSwift

Want to see all Oh My Foodie collaterals on one image and see how cohesive her brand looks like when placed together?

Oh My Foodie brand collaterals & website design by MintSwift
I’m super happy with how this brand and website design for Oh My Foodie turned out, especially how all the brand elements work together as a whole. I hope this post will show you why the brand is far more than just a logo and will give you an idea of what does it mean to have a cohesive branding and website.

If you feel like your current brand & website don’t have a killer first impression, don’t attract your ideal audience and don’t reflect you and your business I’m here to help you out!

If you want to learn more about my brand & website design package I’ve worked on with Emily, just click the image below. If you’re ready to book this package, click here to fill the inquiry form.
Learn more about brand & website design package

What do you think of the brand & website design for Oh My Foodie? Which design, website element or collateral of the brand or website is your favourite?

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