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Brand & Website Design for Busy Veggie Family

In July this year, I got an inquiry from ingenious food blogger and fellow vegetarian behind the blog Busy Veggie Family, Lavanya Tadinada. From the moment I read her brand & website inquiry form, I knew that we’re “a perfect fit”, because of the way she wrote her messages, which were organized and detailed.  She had a clear vision for her new brand & website; she came prepared 😉

I had a feeling, that our collaboration would be a breeze and it turned out even better than I expected! I’m beyond excited to share brand & website design for Busy Veggie Family with you and walk you through the entire design process.

Below, you’ll find out more about Lavanya’s brand, her brand keywords. Take a look below, which brand collaterals did she choose. Then see the website pages design. Also, learn about the individualised solution for Busy Veggie Family.

Before I show you each element of the brand & website design, let’s take a look at the brand board showcasing all the elements:

All right, let’s dive into details!

Ok, one more thing before we jump into each element of brand & website design for Busy Veggie Family! If you can’t wait to see all of the final designs, watch a video about this project below:


Lavanya Tadinada


Busy Veggie Family is a veggie blog for busy families. It is a vegetarian meal planning/food blog. Lavanya’s focuses on creating simple, healthy, easy and quick recipes to help make cooking easy. She wanted her brand to represent what she stands for – simplicity in everyday life. I want to inspire people to cook at home and eat healthy meals at home. Everyday. As her tagline says “eat more in than you eat out” – she helps families to eat simple (with fewer ingredients), easy and healthy meals at home.


Simple, Clear, Intuitive, Warm, Friendly, Relatable, Helpful, Actionable, Doable, Achievable




1. Logo design
2. Alternative logo designs
3. Submark designs
4. Colour Palette
Font Combinations
5. Illustrations Design
6. Website Pages Icons
7. Favicon, Badge & Pin It Buttons Design



8. Blog Categories Icons
9. Blog Post Graphics
10. Facebook Branding
11. Long Pin Blog Post Graphics
12. Pinterest Branding
13. Square Post Graphics


14. Business Cards Design


15. Home/Blog Page  
16. About Page
17. Recipe Index Page
18. Start Here Page
19. Shop Page


New brand & website design for Busy Veggie Family emphasise the simplicity and inspire Lavanya’s target audience to cook at home and fall in love with that. Her new brand identity and website are fun, yet modern and simple with a lot of white space and splash of vibrant pastel colours. Primary logo for Busy Veggie Family contains custom illustration with the veggies Lavanya usually uses in her simple recipes. Her new website is intuitive and contains a lot of call to actions to help navigate the site with the breeze.




The main logo for Busy Veggie Family represents the simplicity and inspired to cook healthy meals. It contains illustrations of the veggies Lavanya uses in her recipes. I used rounded sans serif font both for business name Busy Veggie Family and for tagline Eat more in than you eat out. The word Veggie is in the main brand colour and Busy and Family in the second main colour. 


For the alternative logo designs, I removed the veggie illustration. In the first alternative logo there’s a tagline and in the second, it’s just business name. Because of the use of colour I mentioned in the logo design description, the alternative logos without illustration are still distinctive.


I designed four submarks for BVF as I usually do for most of the brands. The first submark is the illustration form the primary logo with Busy Veggie Family text on the circle. 

The second submark is also with the illustration, but this time is bigger and there’s a circle outlined in blue. The third submark design has tomato illustration (which plays a main role in the logo) along with yellow circle outline. The last submark has Busy Veggie Family’s initials written in the same font as in the main logo and with Busy Veggie Family text on the circle.


The colour palette for Busy Veggie Family was strongly inspired by one of my premade branding kits – The Lonely Bite. I did some changes to the colours and it drastically changed the look of the entire colour scheme. The colour palette for BVF was created with a thought of the vegetables and I kept it in vibrant pastel style.


For the illustrations design, I took apart the main logo illustration and added circle outline around it. The illustrations are used in the Pinterest branding, custom board covers to be exact and I’ll show you that below.


The website pages icons were originally designed for the Start Here page, but we decided to move them into the Recipe index page. The first icon represents the about page and it’s an avatar of Lavanya. The second illustration represents a cookbook, so the blog full of simple and healthy recipes. The third one is a blender inspired by Vitamix and it’s for the shop page.


For the favicon design, again I used the main illustration, this time without circle outline. As I’ve mentioned, I designed a badge design which you can see in the Facebook branding, blog post graphics templates (below) and in the website footer. For the pin it buttons, we couldn’t decide on one so I created two custom pin it buttons which Lavanya can use. The first pin it button is a circle with the Pin It text written in the secondary brand font. The second pin it button is the third submark with the Pin It on it




I’m a huge fan of illustrated icons, so you might guess that these are my favourite aspects of Busy Veggie Family brand & website (along with the website pages icons). As I’ve mentioned above, the illustrations represent five categories: basic, bowls, soups, salads and sandwiches.

The icon for the basics represents salad dressings, the icons for the bowls is a rice bowl with colourful veggies, for the soups, it’s a yellow soup with green garnish, the salads icons is again full of veggies and chickpeas and for sandwiches is a Panini with pesto, tomatoes and cheese


I absolutely love creating blog post graphics templates! My main goal for the blog post graphics was to make them Pinterest friendly (as I always do with my branding clients) and put a lot of emphasis on the recipes images.

For the first graphic, I took one of the delicious-looking photos of one of Lavanya’s recipes, added an outline, colour boxes and badge design.

For the second one (which Lavanya’s is currently using as her main blog post graphic template) there’s a photo background with black overlay, blog post title, URL and badge (the colours vary). The third blog post template is for round up or tips post and it has a solid background with an outline, badge, blog post title and URL.


The Facebook branding for Lavanya was inspired by Hints of Life Facebook Branding because we both wanted to emphasise the blog category icons (about which I’ll talk more about below) representing five categories: basic, bowls, soups, salads and sandwiches. For the profile picture, I picked the badge design which is a variation of the first submark. You can see BVF’s Facebook branding by clicking here


Once we finalized the brand & website design, I additionally designed one long pin blog post graphics template for Busy Veggie Family. On the image below, you can see two of the variations of this one template, because I couldn’t decide which I like best.

The Long Pin template is a bit similar to the first regular blog post graphics template, but it has two recipe images and the badge is on the right. Again, I wanted to highlight the photography, which is inviting and fits the brand colours perfectly!


As I’ve mentioned, for the custom board covers for Pinterest, I utilized the illustrations to give the boards more “branded feel”. The first board for Lavanya’s blog content has the main illustration included to make it special and stand out. The other Pinterest board covers have just one veggie illustration.  You can see BVF’s Pinterest branding by clicking here


The square post templates are the square versions of the blog post graphics templates, but the third template instead of being for round-up posts is for the quote Instagram posts.



In addition to the brand & website design package, I’ve designed double-sided business cards for Busy Veggie Family. The front of the business card has the main logo and website address and the back has Lavanya’s name, business name, email address and website address. There’s also the main BVF illustration there, but it’s more transparent, so the business card isn’t busy.


The website for Busy Veggie Family is simple, easy to navigate and intuitive. Since the brand colours are vibrant I use them intentionally and utilized a lot of white space so Lavanya’s recipes images stand out. The entire website is minimalistic with a pop of colour and it represents the main value of BVF – simplicity.

The main component of the Busy Veggie Family website is a home page which is a blog, showing all of the recent posts with a featured image, excerpt and read more button. On the right, you can see the sidebar (which is set up on every page) with Lavanya’s bio, social media icons, search box, popular post widget and Convertkit sign up form. There were also blog post categories icons, but we’ll add them later on once Lavanya adds more content.

For the About page, I used one of profile image holders that you can see above, added the copy and custom coded call to action button to invite Lavanya’s readers to click through to Start Here page

The Recipe index page has definitely the most custom coding included since it’s a widgetized page, I couldn’t add the elements I wanted without the code. On the top, you can see the categories drop-down and search box. Then, I added custom coded blog post categories icons. The blog posts listed under each category are in the rows of three and below there are website pages icons linking to about, blog and shop pages.

The Start Here page contains information about Lavanya’s goals and recipes and it’s geared towards the new website visitors. The main functionality of this page is a Convertkit form to sign up for BVF Guide to Simplified Weeknight Cooking

As I’ve mentioned, I designed an Amazon affiliate shop for Lavanya with the products she uses and recommends. On the Shop page, you can see a section with a short description and the product images I’ve designed for her. Since it’s not a regular shop, I developed it without e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce and I used WordPress image galleries to create the look of the shop.

As I always, I wanted to add a lot of customization to the website design to make it unique and one of a kind. The best way to do it is to style elements with custom CSS and add features like back to top button or custom coded blog post categories icons to the recipe index.

There was a lot of custom coding including CSS styling, custom HTML and jQuery to entire Busy Veggie Family website, so it’s custom and tailored to the new brand identity. Thanks to the media queries, the WordPress website is mobile friendly and it’s responsive on any device. I’m so happy with the way both brand and website turned out and Lavanya was absolutely the dream client to work with 😉

Want to see the brand board, all brand collaterals and website design for Busy Veggie Family on one image and see how cohesive her brand & website look like when placed together?

The cherry on the top, a lovely testimonial from Lavanya:

Lavanya Tadinada - Testimonial Avatar – MintSwift



“This is the first time I worked with any brand and logo designer and I must say I am dazzled by Adrianna and her professionalism. Her commitment to bringing the client’s vision to life is exemplary. My logo, brand and website have turned out exactly as I had envisioned (actually, more beautiful!) She was so receptive and in-tune with my vision. I was also completely blown away by how organized she was throughout the engagement. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to working with her again in the near future!”

What do you think of the brand & website design for Busy Veggie Family? Which design, website element or collateral of the brand & website is your favourite?

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Brand & Website Design for Busy Veggie Family - MintSwift
Brand & Website Design for Busy Veggie Family MintSwift
Brand & Website Design for Busy Veggie Family by MintSwift


Brand identity, five brand collaterals + WordPress website design

xo Adrianna

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  1. Adrianna, it was such a pleasure working with you! Thank you for bringing my vision to life. I cannot even tell you how many compliments I have received for the look and feel of my website. Oh and I’m also completely blown away by your support even after the project!! Thanks for everything!!!

    1. Lavanya, the feeling is mutual, you’re absolutely the dream client! I’m so grateful that you trusted me and that you choose me to design your brand & website?. I can’t wait to work with you more and to see more of your amazing recipes!

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