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An Inside Look at My Brand Design Package Design Process & Deliverables - MintSwift

An Inside Look at My Brand Design Package Design Process & Deliverables

In the last post, we talk about my entire process for my brand design package, but today, I wanted to focus only on the design parts of the process, as well as on deliverables, so what is included and what files will you receive when you choose to work with me on your brand design



Logo Design + Colour Palette Design - Brand Design Package - Design Process & Design Deliverables.- MintSwift

My brand design process starts with sketching up the logo concepts and coming up with different colour palettes (with usually 5-7 colours). Then, I choose three concepts with one colour palette to show you.

I’ll create a PDF document in which I’ll include all three concepts in black and white on separate pages, all three concepts in colour (colour palette on the top), all concepts shown on mockups (like website header, business cards etc.), all concepts in black and white on one page and all concepts in colour in on one page (to help you compare each concept and pick the one you like the best).

You’ll choose one of the concepts to move forward with and I’ll move on to the logo revisions phase. I’ll need your feedback on the chosen concept and detailed information about what you would like me to change the design (revision). There are 2 rounds of revisions included for the primary logo. As one round of revision, you can choose up to 5 things to change in the design.

Revisions are a slight modification or course correction to progress toward the final design and typically are a change of less than 1/4 of the design. It can be changes like for example rearrangement of elements, letter spacing, colour change, slightly font change (like uppercase instead of lowercase), elements size etc. The idea of revisions is to “perfect” the chosen concept.

Alternative Logos + Submarks Design - Brand Design Package - Design Process & Design Deliverables.- MintSwift

Once you approve your main logo design, I’ll create alternative logos (usually 2-4) and submarks (usually 3-6). They are the variations of your main logo and it can be for example logo without the tagline, a stacked version, icon, badge and so on.

The idea of having more than one version of a logo (alternative logos and submark) is that your main logo might not fit into the certain situations e.g. as profile image on social media (the circle/square logos fits best), blog post graphics templates (again, circle/badge logos work better than a text-based logo) or your logo might look better without the tagline on small printed collaterals.

Five brand collaterals Design - Brand Design Package - Design Process & Design Deliverables.- MintSwift

There are five collaterals of your choice included in the brand design package. They can be for digital/social or print. I’m going to need final copy & images for all of the collaterals e.g. your details for business cards, photo for Facebook cover and so on. I’ll design 1 concept for each of the 5 collaterals (5 concepts in total) & make 1 round of revision for each collateral (5 rounds of revision in total)

Each of the brand collaterals will have the elements of your new brand identity, so that the entire brand is cohesive and streamlined, for example, one of the logo variations, your colours or design elements.

Brand board + design elements design - Brand Design Package - Design Process & Design Deliverables.- MintSwift

Although brand board design fits more into the brand identity design part of my brand design package, I like to create a brand board showcasing all design elements after I designed the collaterals. There is one concept and two revisions to the brand board.

On the brand board, there are: primary logo, alternative logos, submarks, colour palette, font combination and design elements. For each brand, I usually create up to 7 design elements which you can use on the graphics or on the website. They can be simple icons/illustrations, call to action buttons, image holders, dividers, hello or xoxo signatures and so on


I provide my clients with the following formats for the final files: PNG, JPG, AI (vector), and PDF. All the files (except for blog post graphics templates and Instagram post templates) are flattened (not editable). Depending on what brand collaterals you’ve chosen, I’ll send you the files in RGB colours (for website and social media use) and CMYK (for print e.g. Business cards ready to print in Moo)

In the next post, I’ll take you behind the scenes of my brand design timeline (project calendar), so you can see what I design each day.

Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by trying to design brand on your own and you’ve already wasted so much time (and money) on that with no positive results?

YES? Then, I’m here to help you out!  To learn more about my brand design package, head over to this page or click the image below.

Brand identity + five brand collaterals design

xo Adrianna

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