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Brand Design for My Paper Printables

I love being organized, have everything streamlined and flexibly planned. Therefore, I was really excited to see a brand inquiry from Traci Gibson of My Paper Printables (now The Creative Craft Society) who creates printables for busy moms as well as cut files for Cricut users.

Today I’m excited to reveal the entire brand design I created for My Paper Printables. Let’s dive in, shall we?!

Below, you’ll find out more about Traci‘s brand, her brand keywords, what package did she choose, what was included in the package and what was the individualised solution for My Paper Printables

Before I show you each of the design elements of her new brand, I thought it would be great to show you her brand board showcasing all the brand identity elements:

Before we dive into the brand redesign I worked on for My Paper Printables let’s take a look at how Traci’s main logo design looked like before and how does it look now after the rebrand (move the mouse over the image to see the change)

My Paper Printables Main Logo Before & After Redesign:

My Paper Printables - Old Logo - Rebranding - MintSwiftMy Paper Printables - New Logo - Rebranding - MintSwift

All right, let’s dive into details!


Traci Gibson


As I’ve mentioned above, My Paper Printables is a brand focusing on creating printables for busy moms to celebrate memorable everyday moments with their family. Traci’s main goal is to make her target audience’s life easier, by creating quick-to-use, ready-made printables to use for kids parties, holidays and other important moments.

She has a membership website which provides their members with tons of printables and craft files to print out in a matter of minutes. Aside from the printables files for kids parties, she also has a lot of organizational files for the mums so they don’t feel overwhelmed – like calendars or to-do lists.


Creative, crafty, quirky, fun, happy, caring, family first, memorable, moms, kids




1. Logo design
2. Alternative logo designs
3. Submark designs
4. Colour Palette
Font Combinations
5. Pattern Design
6. Pin It Button, Favicon, Image Holder, Text Dividers, Catchwords



7. Website Buttons
8. Blog Post Graphics
9. Square Post Graphics
10. Email Signature Design


11. Business Cards Design


The main focus of the rebrand for My Paper Printables was to create a more cohesive experience for Traci’s audience, by using a one set of colours, fonts and design elements. The new brand design is modern, simple and fresh! It has a mix of bright and pastel colours. It emphasises that My Paper Printables makes moms life easier and how effortless it is for them to log into her club and poke around and grab what they need.



1. Logo design

I created the entire brand design using an offset style – meaning that the colour filling is moved slightly to the side of the outline. For the main logo design, I choose two sans serif fonts. The logo for MPP is colourful featuring blue, teal and pink. The word Paper is bigger than the other words and has a dark grey outline around it, to emphasise that Traci creates projects to print out on paper.

2. Alternative logo designs

I created three alternative logos for My Paper Printables and one logo for Traci’s Membership website called The Creative Craft Society. The first alternate logo for Traci is just like the main logo but in a horizontal format. The second alternative logo design is all in the outline-offset style as the word Paper in the main logo.

The third alt logo includes My Paper Printables initials – MPP. The last logo which you can see on the image on the image below in the bottom right corner is an additional logo for the membership website, which I designed based on the primary logo design.  

3. Submark designs

As usual for the brand design package, I created four submark logos for My Paper Printables. The first submark features the initials from the third alternative logo, My Paper Printables wrote around the circle and when you look closely, you can see two triangles separating the business name. You can find them in a bigger format when you scroll down to the Pattern Design section.

The second submark logo includes the scissors illustration. The third submark design also has a scissors icon, but this time there is an offset background in the circle. The last submark for My Paper Printables is a square one and it has an offset light blue background and MPP initials.

4. Colour Palette

As I’ve mentioned above, the colour palette for MPP combines both bright and pastel colours. The brighter shades are used for a text or other prominent elements, but the light, pastel shades are used for the graphics background. The colour palette is fresh and attractive to both genders, just like Traci’s printables that are both for girls and boys.


I created a playful pattern that includes several geometric shapes (triangles, hearts, circles) in a hand-drawn style to give it a feel like a child would have drawn this. When you scroll down this post, you can see the pattern in action within the membership website buttons, business cards and quote square post graphics.


I love creating design elements that my clients can use them to brand their website with! I designed several design/website elements for Traci: pin it button, favicon, image holder, text dividers and catchwords.

My favourite element is definitely the profile image holder for sidebar photo which includes a Welcome and I’m Traci. It also has yet another variation of one of the submark logos. The custom pin it button and favicon are both in the same style, similar to the fourth submark, but in a circle shape. I also created text dividers based on the elements included in the pattern design.




Traci needed 12 website buttons to use on her membership website. I come up with three different styles for the site buttons – first a solid colour, including the text divider, second with a photo background and colour box and the third featuring the pattern design.

8. Blog post graphics

I created three blog post graphic styles for Traci. All of the styles include a photo background since photos play a big role in My Paper Printable’s brand. The first blog post graphic style includes a photo, colour box, submark logo and colour box with website URL at the bottom.

The second graphic for the blog posts has a photo in the background, dark grey overlay, colour boxes where each of the colour lines is for one line of the blog post title. The third blog post graphic style shows the most of the photo included, but it has a colour box at the top to include a post title and of course, website URL at the bottom.

9. Square post graphics

I designed three square post graphic style for Traci to use on her Instagram or Facebook accounts. The first square post graphic style is the same one as the second blog post graphic but in a square format.

The second social media square graphic is for Quote-types posts. As I’ve mentioned above, it features the custom pattern design and also one of the submarks. The last square graphic style is for the posts where Traci shares that she added a new printable into the membership website.

10. Email signature design

If I would have to pick my favourite brand collateral for My Paper Printables the email signature would definitely be it! The email signature includes Traci’s details, website addresses (both to the main site and the membership site), scissors illustration in the middle, then the main logo design and link to the Facebook group on the right.


11. Business cards design

The front of the business cards design for My Paper Printables contains the custom geometric pattern in the background and the main logo in the foreground. The back of the business cards is in the same style as the email signature and it has Traci’s details on it as well as the scissors illustration.

Want to see all My Paper Printables collaterals on one image and see how cohesive her brand looks like when placed together?

And the cherry on top, entire brand design with a brand board and brand collaterals on one image below:

I’m so happy with the way how the rebranding for My Paper Printables turned out! With the more simplified main logo and use of fewer colours, the branding represents Traci’s values and goals of helping busy moms to be more organized. Also, making their life easier, so they can download the printables and cherish the important moment of their children’s lives.

And here’s a lovely testimonial from Traci:

Traci Gibson - Testimonial Avatar



“I really enjoyed how my brand board came out. I think I was all over the place in what direction I wanted to go and Adrianna helped me narrow down the look I was going for. I needed something fun and playful for my printables business and she achieved the perfect balance between fun, clean lines and current and gets my branding all on the same page. I would use Mint Swift again for sure!! Plus, the turnaround time was pretty quick. A win-win for me all around. Thanks, Adrianna!!”

If you’re looking for a designer to help you create one-of-a-kind brand identity for your blog and business – I’m here to help you out! Check my brand design package by clicking the image below. I can’t wait to work with you! 😉

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What do you think of the brand design for My Paper Printables? Which design element or collateral of the brand is your favourite?

Brand identity + five brand collaterals design

xo Adrianna

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