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Brand Design for Hints of Life

Designing brand for lifestyle bloggers can be challenging because their identity needs to be versatile to fit all of the topics that they cover on a blog. Brand design for Hints of Life was such a unique experience for me as a designer. Rachel’s story and her vision for her brand put me in magical mood and inspired me to create a brand identity in a style that I haven’t designed before.

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Below, you’ll find out more about Rachel’s brand, her brand keywords, what package did she choose, what was included in the package and what was the individualised solution for Hints of Life

Before I show you each of the design elements of her new brand, I thought it would be great to show you her brand board showcasing all the brand identity elements:

Hints of Life Brand Board- MintSwift

All right, let’s dive into details!


Rachel Harris


The Hints of Life is a lifestyle blog by Rachel Harris, where she writes about all of her passions: makeup, fashion, recipes, décor, love life and travel. When I asked Rachel about her name she said to me: “The name Hints of Life is about my revelation and enjoying every happy moment in life. I used to have a lot of emotional problems which led to deep depression, but once I beat it, I felt like I got a second chance to be happy. The Hints of Life is about how to design a live a happy life that everyone deserves.


Inspiring, Original, Joyful, Refreshing, Warm, Magical, Vibrant, Happy, Humble, Observant


Brand Design Package



  • Logo design
  • Alternative logo designs
  • Submark designs
  • Colour Palette
  • Font Combinations



  • Blog categories icons
  • Illustrations designs & favicon
  • Badge designs
  • Facebook branding
  • Blog post graphics templates design
  • Instagram post templates design


Rachel’s story inspired me to think outside the box and create a unique colour palette, logo and collaterals for her. The custom designed illustrations for her brand (used in the main logo), represent the happy moments of life and the hints to live the happy life. They are in various sizes because those moments have a different scale, but the core significance – happiness.

Below you can see all the brand elements and collaterals both for print and social media or digital, I’ve designed for her:






As I’ve mentioned above, the main logo design for Hints of Life represents the happy moments of life and the hints on how to be happy. This time, I’ve decided to add all of the colours from the colour palette into the main logo. It’s like each of the colour represents one hint on how to live a happy life by doing what you love.

Hints of Life logo design - MintSwift



For the first alternative logo design, I’ve added tagline “by Rachel Harris” below the main logo, in the purple colour which is the second primary colour of Rachel’s brand. The second alternative logo design is simply her blog name Hints of Life in purple.

Hints of Life alternative logo designs - MintSwift


I created two different submark designs. The first one is my absolute favourite, maybe that’s why I have it in my portfolio! It included Hints of Life initials in the colour circle. The second submark contains the one illustration from her main logo and then Hints of Life Rachel Harris around the circle.

Hints of Life submark designs - MintSwift



This is probably the most unicorn-like colour palette I’ve ever designed. When I look at it, I see the word Magical all over it. On one hand, the colours are vibrant and on the other they are pastels. I like to call those types of colour schemes as vibrant pastels (I use vibrant pastels for my brand as well, but more pastels than vibrant ;)).

 Hints of Life colour palette - MintSwift




These are also my personal favourites! I absolutely love creating illustrated icons (icons with a lot of details, so they are more illustrations than icons). I noticed that I design them a lot for my clients and I love how custom they are. For Hints of Life, I’ve designed six blog categories icons for makeup, fashion, recipes, décor, love life and travel.

 Hints of Life blog categories icons - MintSwift


For the illustrations designs presentation that you can see above, I pulled out the “hints” illustration from the main logo. Using a middle part of one of the hints from the illustration, I created a sort of underline to use for her blog post graphics templates, Instagram templates or as dividers on her blog. You can see them in action when you scroll down to blog & Instagram templates. For the favicon, I used one of Rachel’s submark in green colour.

 Hints of Life Illustrations designs & favicon - MintSwift


For the badge designs, I also took two submarks and created correlating Thank you badges using the same script font. You might be wondering, how can lifestyle blogger utilise the badge designs? Well, badges are perfect for content upgrades, email newsletters or just to add it to one of your website pages i.e. thank you page.

 Hints of Life badge designs - MintSwift


In the Facebook branding for Hints of Life, I used pink submark for the profile picture and for the cover page, I used her main logo as well as blog category icons to make her new branding stand out along other similar bloggers.

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I also started to love to design blog post graphics templates for my clients. I feel like each of the blog post graphic template is tailored for a specific brand and it’s always somehow different (even though some of the elements might repeat like, colour overlay, the size of the graphic, placement of the logo etc.). The first blog post graphic template is for “how to…” posts (or other as well). It included colour background with purple overlay, one of the submarks, little illustration and URL on the colour box. The second template is another one for “how to…” posts (or other as well). It has photo background, full colour overlay covering most of the graphic, illustration, different submark and colour box with website URL. The third one is for list or roundup posts (but can be used for others too), it has solid colour background with a frame around it, for one word I used script font and also added one of the blog category icon and URL. All of the blog post graphics templates are 100% customizable with Adobe Illustrator*

Hints of Life Blog post graphic templates - MintSwift


The first Instagram post template is for quotes and it’s similar to the second blog post graphic template. The second Instagram post template is for promotional content such as new blog post alert and so on. It a bit similar to the third blog post graphic template. The third Instagram post template is a square version of the first blog post template. All of the Instagram post templates are 100% customizable with Adobe Illustrator*

 Hints of Life Instagram post templates- MintSwift

Want to see all Hints of Life collaterals on one image and see how cohesive her brand looks like when placed together?

Hints of Life - Brand Collaterals Design - MintSwift

And the cherry on top, entire brand design with a brand board and brand collaterals on one image below:

 Hints of Life - Brand Design - MintSwift

The brand design for Hints of Life was such an amazing experience for me. As I’ve mentioned above, this project inspired me to think outside the box and create a brand I’ve never seen like it before in terms of colours and all the elements linking to the core – Hints.

If you like this brand and you need some help with your own branding, you should check out my brand design package by clicking the image below.


What do you think of the brand design for Hints of Life? Which design element or collateral of the brand is your favourite?

Brand identity + five brand collaterals design

xo Adrianna

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