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Brand Design for Get Styled with Jessica

Both fashion and branding fall into the same, yet broad category – design. I’m interested in all three of them, so once Jessica from Get Styled with Jessica reached out to me about her brand design, I was super excited. Today, I’m about to share with you, her entire brand identity design including logo design, brand design and collaterals design.

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Below, you’ll find out more about Jessica’s brand, her brand keywords, what package did she choose, what was included in the package and what was the individualised solution for Get Styled with Jessica

Before I show you each of the design elements of her new brand, I thought it would be great to show you her brand board showcasing all the brand identity elements:

Get Styled with Jessica Brand Board MintSwift

All right, let’s dive into details!


Jessica Lewis


Get Styled with Jessica is a fashion blog for Millennials and female entrepreneurs. The blog posts Jessica shares include easy to implements tips for busy females, who should love themselves despite not being perfect. Jessica talks a lot about self-hate, about the fact that we can be our worst critiques.

Jessica’s style is minimal with a lot of black and white, but she mixed them both with light pink, therefore all of those colours play a big role in her brand identity.  Jessica mentioned that her brand has two sides – one is feminine, soft and elegant and on the other is edgy, confident and empowering.


Minimalistic, Feminine, Elegant, Edgy, Friendly, Confident, Strong, Empowering, Respectful, Loving

Quick tip – you can click on a specific design element below and it will direct you to its description and image in this post:



Brand Design Package






Print Design


The brand identity design for Get Styled with Jessica empathises femininity, empowerment and edginess. Her logo represents the (healthy) love for yourself and the confidence in everyday life as well as in entrepreneurship. Jessica’s brand identity demonstrates her edgy style with shades of pink that isn’t overly girly.

Below you can see all the brand elements and collaterals both for print and social media or digital, I’ve designed for her:





Main logo design represents all of the important components of Jessica’s brand and the brand keywords – feminine, edgy and loving. There’s a mixture of rough/hard (edgy and empowering part of her brand) with soft/feminine (minimalistic, elegant and friendly part of her brand).

The hand-drawn, grunge font for Get Styled, as well as the edgy line below Jessica which almost looks like Jessica would use highlighter correlates to the first part of her brand. Two hearts and With Jessica element of logo design, related to the soft side.

Get Styled with Jessica Logo Design MintSwift


I’ve designed two alternative logos for Jessica. For the first one, I simply removed the hearts and for the second alternative logo, I took the first letters from words Get Styled, used them as initials and placed with Jessica below it.

Get Styled with Jessica Alternative logo designs MintSwift


For the submark designs, I created the two different versions – the first one has the initials from the alternative logo and the two hearts from the primarily logo design. Below, you can see the first submark in three different colour versions (I couldn’t decide which one I like best!). The second submark is probably my favourite part of Jessica’s brand identity, maybe that’s why I use it in my portfolio. It contains the initials from the alternative logo as a background for the with Jessica part.

Get Styled with Jessica Submark designs MintSwift


As I’ve mentioned above, in brand identity design for Get Styled with Jessica, I needed to capture two kinds of opposite sites which Jessica pointed many times during the brand discovery phase. Her style is minimal with a lot of black and white, but she mixed them both with light pink, therefore all of those colours play a big role in her brand identity. The shades of pink are feminine, yet not too obvious and they show off empowerment.

 Get Styled with Jessica Colour Palette MintSwift


Again, website call to action buttons including Blog, About, Contact and Work captures both elegant and minimal style (simple shapes, full colour) and edginess with the rough, hand-drawn style font.

Get Styled with Jessica Website buttons design MintSwift


Both illustrations are included in the main logo and below, you can see them in different colour combinations

Get Styled with Jessica Illustration design MintSwift


I’m a huge fan of the custom blog & hello signatures (the signature after each of the blog posts, so it feels like blogger signed the posts after writing it and “hello” signature which can be used i.e. on about page, homepage etc.), so I was excited to design them for Jessica. I used the same script font which you can see in Get Styled part of her logo design.

Get Styled with Jessica Blog & Hello signature designs MintSwift


The favicon for Jessica is one of the submarks and the pin it button is similar to the Contact website button which you can see above

Get Styled with Jessica Favicon & Pin it button design MintSwift


I had so much fun creating those three blog post graphic templates for Get Styled with Jessica! The first one has two rectangular colour overlays to make sure the blog post title and website URL are visible. You can also find one of the submarks there. The second blog post template future pink overlay, main logo, blog post title with script font highlighting important keywords in the post, blog post teaser/second title and website URL. The third template has photo background, with blog post title at the top, again with the script and sans serif font, blog URL with a part of the alternative logo. The templates are 100% customizable so she can open Adobe Illustrator* and simply change the colour overlay, photo background and the text in just a few minutes.

Get Styled with Jessica Blog post graphic templates MintSwift


Oh! I can’t decide whether I’m more in love with a blog post templates for Get Styled with Jessica or with Instagram post templates … Ok, I think I’ll vote for Insta templates! Two of the Instagram post templates were for the quote posts which are extremely popular lately. The third one is a square version of the third blog post templates. Again, all of the templates are customizable with Adobe Illustrator*

Get Styled with Jessica Instagram post templates MintSwift


I mostly designed collaterals for social media and digital use, but Jessica also wanted a business card design. She sometimes attends blogging conferences or business meetups, so she can use her business cards there. The design of business cards is minimalistic, with a simple white background, her credentials and logos.

Get Styled with Jessica Business cards design MintSwift

Want to see all Get Styled with Jessica collaterals on one image and see how cohesive her brand looks like when placed together?

Get Styled with Jessica Brand Collaterals Design MintSwift

And the cherry on top, full brand design, so brand board and brand collaterals on one image below:

 Get Styled with Jessica - Brand Design MintSwift

I’m more than happy seeing how this brand turned out. Probably the most rewarding part of being a brand & website designer is to see how the new brand identity transforms and grow my client’s business. Jessica told me that thanks to her new brand design, her traffic increased exponentially and brands she loves are contacting her about collaborations (which didn’t happen before).


If you feel like your current brand design doesn’t have a killer first impression, don’t attract your ideal audience and don’t reflect you and your business I’m here to help you out!


If you want to learn more about my brand design package I’ve worked on with Jessica, just click the image below. If you’re ready to book this package, click here to fill the inquiry form.


What do you think of the brand design for Get Styled with Jessica? Which design element or collateral of the brand is your favourite?

Brand identity + five brand collaterals design

xo Adrianna

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