Vibrant pastel - this is how I like to call my design aesthetic because I love to create brands that have a pastel, vibrant or both colour palette. As it happened that the most recent brand designs I shared on the blog and in my portfolio, had a more-vibrant-than-pastel colour palette. I was thrilled when Nichole Jones from Nicky Jones reach out to me to help her with brand design and this time, I designed brand that has more of a pastel colour palette

Brand Design for Nicky Jones

Vibrant pastel – this is how I like to call my design aesthetic because I love to create brands that have the pastel, vibrant or both colour palette. As it happened that the most recent brand & website designs I shared on the blog and in my portfolio, had a more-vibrant-than-pastel colour palette. I was thrilled when Nichole Jones from Nicky Jones reach out to me to help her with brand design and this time, I designed brand that has more of a pastel colour palette.

Today, I’m excited to walk you through the entire brand design process for Nicky Jones. Let’s dive in, shall we?!

Below, you’ll find out more about Nicky’s brand, her brand keywords, what package did she choose, what was included in the package and what was the individualised solution for Nicky Jones

Before I show you each of the design elements of her new brand, I thought it would be great to show you her brand board showcasing all the brand identity elements:

Nicky Jones - Brand Board Design - MintSwift

All right, let’s dive into details!

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Nichole Jones


Nicky Jones is a Yoga Teacher/Writer who helps women find inner peace – even though they’re grieving. Nicky’s brand is connected to her personal, heart-breaking history of losing the loved ones. Nicky offers holistic support via Facebook group Healing Grief Holistically, online courses and membership program The Lotus Collective coming this summer.

I was devastated when I read Nicky’s story, but and the same time, I felt so proud and happy for her, that she was able to find the light by the end of the tunnel. Instead of focusing on suffering, she nurtured her grief (as she does with her clients) and embraced the full life – both bad and good moments. You can read more about Nicky’s brand story at here about page


Inclusive, Loving, Holistic, Comforting, Familiar, Cozy, Practical/Spiritual (down-to-earth and spiritual – at the same time), Calm, Authentic, Hopeful


Brand Design Package



  • Logo design
  • Alternative logo designs
  • Submark designs
  • Colour Palette
  • Font Combinations
  • Pattern Design
  • Watercolour texture design



  • Blog signature, pin it button & blog categories
  • Website icons
  • Website banners + Image edit
  • Square post graphics templates
  • Facebook branding design


  • Business cards design


By the use of soft and pastel colours, the new brand identity for Nicky Jones corresponds with the goals that Nichole wanted to achieve – to have a feeling of calm, comfort and peace. The main logo using the script and sans serif fonts combines the relatable feel (that Nicky has been through similar situations as her audience).

Below you can see all the brand elements, collaterals, design elements, website elements and website pages I’ve designed for her:




The main logo design for Nicky Jones, similar to the colour palette (about which I’ll talk about in a moment) has two sides to it.

Because of the use of script font, the first part of the logo design for Nicky Jones seems more personal and relatable. The second part when I used the sans serif font reflects strength; that Nicky was able to recover and live her life even after tragedy.

The Nicky part reminds of the fact that she has dealt with her grief, but it’s still part of their brand story and others in similar situations can relate to that and feel like she has been in their shoes and experienced what they are going through.

The Jones part of the logo illustrates that she was able to “swim out to the surface”, so they can feel hopeful and see that she is a living proof that you can still “live” even if you’re grieving.

Nicky Jones - Logo Design - MintSwift



I created three alternative logo designs for Nicky Jones – the first one is the main logo but in dark grey colour, the second one includes the sans-serif font for both Nicky and Jones and the third one is like a signature, so both Nicky and Jones are written out using the handwritten-looking font.

 Nicky Jones - Alternative Logo Designs - MintSwift



Nicky wanted a symbol or illustration that can represent her brand even without seeing her business name. Therefore, I designed a lotus flower illustration that you can see below on two of the submarks. The second submark is featuring Nicky Jones business name in the circle shape and the third one includes NJ initials.

 Nicky Jones - Submark Designs - MintSwift



The colour palette for Nicky Jones has two parts to it: one part – symbolizing “swimming out to the surface”, so dealing with the loss and finding the light by the end of the tunnel, feeling in peace with yourself and the second part represents the bottom of the ocean, where are the rocks and sand and the grey/black refers to grieving.

Nicky Jones - Colour Palette - MintSwift


As I mentioned, the lotus flower illustration is an important part of Nicky’s brand identity, so I designed a pattern that I used for square post graphics templates (below)

Nicky Jones - Pattern Design - MintSwift



Along with the custom pattern, I also designed several watercolour textures for Nicky. The one you can see below complements three brand colours and for others (which you can see on Nicky’s Instagram) I used one colour.

 Nicky Jones - Watercolour Texture Design - MintSwift





I created several design elements for Nicky Jones brand – blog signature, inspired by the main logo, custom pin it button and two text-based blog categories buttons.

 Nicky Jones - Blog signature, pin it button & blog categories - MintSwift



Instead of designing illustrated icons (in which I specialize in), this time, I created more simple, line drawing icons that fit Nicky Jones brand. I’ve designed six website icons symbolizing: opt-in, yoga videos, meditation audios, lotus collective, love your grief and blog. As I mentioned, the icons are in the same style as the lotus flower illustration (used to symbolize lotus collective – an important part of Nicky’s brand)

 Nicky Jones - Website icons - MintSwift


Nicky was inspired by the full-width headers with my photos which you can find all over the website, so as one of the brand collaterals, she wanted five website banners for her site.

I kept the original background on the photos (except for Facebook profile picture), but I edited the photos in Photoshop*, added colour overlays and lotus illustration. You can see the website banners in action when you visit Nicky Jones website.

Nicky Jones - Website banners + Image edit - MintSwift


I designed four square post graphics templates which Nicky can use for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts. I designed the concepts in Illustrator* but recreated them in Canva.

The first square post graphic template for Nicky Jones includes photo background, colour and text overlay with lotus flower submark logo and website URL. The second template is also a photo-based one, with alternative logo, dark grey overlay with text and web address.

The third and fourth square graphics were created with a thought of using them for quotes. The third one includes lotus flower pattern, solid colour background, text overlay with The last template features watercolour texture, lotus flower, text overlay and web address.

 Nicky Jones - Square post graphics templates - MintSwift



For the Facebook branding, I used the same photo from the homepage banner, but with light mint overlay, Nicky Jones tagline Nurturing you through grief, main logo in dark grey colour and website URL in the same style as on square posts graphics.

As I mentioned, I changed the original background on the photo we used as a Facebook profile picture, to the light grey colour which you can see on the colour palette and all around the brand design.

 Nicky Jones - Facebook branding design - MintSwift



As fifth brand collateral, (since Nicky is doing in-person Yoga classes) I designed business cards. The front of the business card for Nicky Jones includes her main brand photo (used on homepage banner and Facebook cover) along with one of the submarks.

The back of the business cards combines the main logo, tagline, information about a free audio and website URL. At the edges of the back of business cards, you can see subtle lotus flowers corresponding with website banners and Facebook cover.

 Nicky Jones - Brand Collaterals Design - MintSwift

Want to see all Nicky Jones collaterals on one image and see how cohesive her brand looks like when placed together?

 Nicky Jones - Brand Collaterals Design - MintSwift

And the cherry on top, entire brand design with a brand board and brand collaterals on one image below:

Nicky Jones - Brand Design - MintSwift

I’m so happy with the way the new brand design for Nicky Jones turned out! As always, I’m so grateful that she chose me to design the brand identity for her and shared her story with me.

Her branding reflects her values, goals and fits her target audience, so things like: feeling understood, simple (they are overwhelmed enough) and comfortable. Brand identity for Nicky reflects the two sides to her: the dark (grief) and the light (dealing with grief), by the two-sided colour palette (light and dark shades), “hard” and soft font choices (script + sans serif fonts) and other elements.


The cherry on the top here’s a lovely testimonial from Nicky about her new brand design:

Nicky Jones - Testimonial Avatar – MintSwift



“The entire process of working with Adrianna was a dream. From the initial consultation and questions, all the way through the follow-up. She is friendly, patient, encouraging, flexible, open and generous. I couldn’t be happier with my re-brand. She was able to take my all-over-the-place vision and turn it into something even better than I could have imagined. I will definitely continue to work with her in the future and highly recommend her. I couldn’t be more thankful”

If you’re looking for a designer to help you create one-of-a-kind brand identity for your blog and business – I’m here to help you out! Check my brand design package by clicking the image below. I can’t wait to work with you! ;)


What do you think of the brand design for Nicky Jones? Which design or collateral of the brand is your favourite?

Brand identity + five brand collaterals design

xo Adrianna

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