My Blog Posts from 2017 on Branding, Design, WordPress, Business & Blogging - MintSwift

My Blog Posts from 2017 on Branding, Design, WordPress, Business & Blogging

*UPDATE 15.03.2018* I changed up my blog categories to: Design, Branding, Portfolio, WordPress, Blog & Business and Tech Tutorials


Welcome to 2018 Minty! 2017 was definitely one of the best years both for MintSwift and for me personally. I was able to achieve most of my personal and business goals, overcome a lot of issues and make a lot of changes for MintSwift, the biggest was: changing up my services, updating my portfolio and website, deleting my email list and stopping being an online course creator and the best part – working with amazing female entrepreneurs on their brands & websites.


Similar to my last year’s post (about my blog posts from 2016), in this post, I’m going to share the round up of all posts I’ve written in 2017 on Branding, Design, WordPress, Business & Blogging. You can find all of my posts, from 2016, 2017 and 2018 in blog archives. Let’s dive in, shall we?!






In 2017, I shared seven blog posts about my design process behind the brand design (Nicole Stewart, Get Styled with Jessica, Hints of Life, Garden of Beauty, Kingston Crafts) or brand & website design package (Oh My Foodie, Busy Veggie Family). I published one of my most popular posts about the differences between branding and brand identity, along with why branding is more than just a logo, 5 types of logos, why you need logo variations.


I started off 2017 with the 8 blog & business lessons I’ve learned in 2016, then shared things I would do differently in my first year of business (I shared it in March when my business anniversary is).

In August, I shared probably one of the most venerable and honest posts (for which I received so many unexpected and encouraging comments here on the blog and on Instagram) – the post was about 8 reasons why I deleted my email list along with free resources library & Pinterest course and why I stopped being an online course creator.

I also shared how I use Asana to manage my brand & website design packages and how to get clients if you hate selling and pitching.


 The beginning of 2018 is super busy with client work, so I didn’t have a lot of time to plan, but I know one thing for sure – As I’ve mentioned before, my main focus is my lovely clients for brand design or brand & website design. I’ll continue to share my work, learn new things, and get out of my comfort zone and so on. For the blog, I plan to change the categories a bit so there’ll we still six categories, but I’ll have: Design, Branding, WordPress, Portfolio, Blog & Business, Tech Tutorials.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my journey in 2017, for encouraging me and for every kind comment about my designs. In case you didn’t see the archives, make sure to click the bottom below to read all of my posts.


Which of my posts from 2017 on branding, design WordPress, business & blogging was most helpful for you?

xo Adrianna

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