My Blog Posts from 2016 on Branding, Design, WordPress, Social Media, Business & Blogging (+ Introducing the Blog Posts Archives)

My Blog Posts from 2016 on Branding, Design, WordPress, Social Media, Business & Blogging (+ Introducing the Blog Posts Archives)

*UPDATE 15.03.2018* I changed up  my blog categories to: Design, Branding, Portfolio, WordPress, Blog & Business and Tech Tutorials

I’m a bit late, because we’re close to the fifth month of 2017 (time flies right?!), but I thought it would be cool to create a blog posts which is a sort of round up or collection of all posts I’ve written in 2016 on branding, design, branding, WordPress, social media, business & blogging.

Also, I recently created a blog posts archives where you can see all of my blog posts ever. I’m all about user experience and personally, I hate to click through dozens of pages on the main blog page to find the one I want to read. I’ll introduce the blog posts archives by the end of the posts, first let’s dive into the collection of posts about branding, design, branding, WordPress, social media, business & blogging.

I feel like I focused too much on sharing my tips about Pinterest in which I specialise, but didn’t pay enough attention to posts about branding, design and WordPress which are directly connected to my occupation, services and products I offer.

When you do something every day, you might think that everyone around, have the same knowledge as you and because branding, WordPress and design are topics I talk and think about every day, they seem obvious and easy. Well, they might be to me, but not for my audience, so I definitely plan to pay more attention to those.


MintSwift categories- beforeMintSwift categories - after

PS. You can also find the blog categories on the bottom of the homepage, along with the archives page. My client Emily Hall, from Oh My Foodie inspired me to do that because she wanted her categories on the homepage too, but I’ll talk more about it in the next posts.


Since I’m a brand and website designer, branding is definitely my favourite topic to write about. I realised that I haven’t actually written enough about it and I plan to change that in 2017. I just published a post about branding vs brand identity last week. Below, you can find my case studies posts about my brand & website design clients, posts about MintSwift shop, plus about branding your Pinterest profile.


Similar to branding, I love talking about design. This blog category is quite similar to the branding, but there are quite a few posts that fall into the design category, rather than branding. I like to think about the design category as more broad compared to branding. There is a blog series about my design process, which is now updated since I no longer offer just a logo design. You can also find posts about design mistakes and more


In the WordPress category, there’s one of the most popular post about 18+ WordPress plugins, how to add pin it button to WordPress, how to set up Rich Pins in WordPress and more. I’ll try to share my technical tutorials and tips on WordPress, especially for my website design clients, so they can manage their site on their own.


UPDATE 8/11/2018 – I no longer have social media category. The post below are now in the Blog & Business category

Pinterest is my absolute favourite platform, even though it’s not really a social media. Most of my posts in the social media category are about Pinterest, but there is one post about Instagram referrals showing in Google Analytics.


Both business and blogging categories are more general that the above, because for me business and blogging is related to social media, branding, WordPress and design. Therefore, most of the posts might overlap from the previous categories, but I only shared the ones they don’t below:


Similar to business, this is a broad category, because it’s connected to all the categories above. The blogging category contains posts about promoting your content, getting traffic, designing your blog and building your email list.

I have an endless list of ideas for the upcoming posts for 2017 and I hope to share them more frequently. I’m moving/travelling to Spain for the next 3 months, so once I set up there, hopefully, I’ll find time to share all those posts with you.

Lastly, as I’ve mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’ve created an entire page on my site called Archives, which contains all my blog posts, so not just for 2016, for 2017 and future posts too. I wanted to make it easier for you to check out the posts since I know how hard and time consuming is to search for the post on the main blog page.


Which of my posts from 2016 on branding, design, branding, WordPress, social media, business & blogging was most helpful for you? On which of my six categories I should focus in 2017?

xo Adrianna

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