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I design brands & websites for creative entrepreneurs who understand that strong visual identity is essential in building a profitable business. I help them leverage the power of Pinterest & teach them how to design and grow their online business
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I design brands & websites for creative entrepreneurs who understand that strong visual identity is essential in building a profitable business. I teach creatives how to design and grow their online business

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Between 2011 – 2014, I was studying at the University and got my Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Special Education Needs, Speech Therapy, so I’m basically a teacher. I always thought I wanted to be a psychologist or teacher, but during the course of the BA, I had a break, you know the moment when you suddenly realize, that you want to do something completely different in your life. Anyway, I finished the studies in July 2014 and went on sort of vacation for a month to Lisbon, Portugal.
Finding my true passion was challenging. Deep down, I always knew I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, but I thought I have to draw perfectly without I even consider it. Side note to aspiring designers: Don’t tell yourself you can’t do something, try it and don’t be discouraged because you not perfect at the beginning, practise makes perfect.
So in Lisbon, I’ve started learning a front-end and WordPress development through Codecademy and other resources. Why development? My Fiancé is a Software Developer and I always check what he is doing and I thought I could try to do it myself.
After few months of learning and doing some test websites in WordPress, I’ve realized that I enjoy creating graphic designs for those websites more than the coding part. I devoted my time to learning Graphic Design and probably the best part about this profession (also for developers) is that the technology keeps changing and every Designer or Developer has to learn new things from time to time, which is great – I love to learn.
Thanks to my determination and hard work, I was able to land my first graphic design project within four months and I was blown away by client’s feedback and that I can actually make money following my passion! I have a pleasure to work with over 50 business owners from all over the world, but later I felt like I want to really connect with clients, not only have a profile on the freelance website when I’m one of the other designers.
After working with clients on the freelance website on various design projects for almost 3 years, I’ve decided to open my own business and narrow down my niche to brand and website design which I have the most experience with.
During those 2 years, I got a pleasure to work with companies including American Express, Hockey Direct, Trotters, Two Birds Bridesmaid, Tiger Lilly, Glam Nails, Just Rugby, Bibi Capelli, and various other smaller businesses. Later, I found passion in helping lady bosses, because I was able to establish my distinctive style which is simple, feminine, modern.

I always had entrepreneurship gene in me, wanted to make a difference by helping others, follow my passion and make my dreams come true.

In March 2016, I’ve finally been able to start working for myself and share my expertise and tips in blog post, design brands & websites for creative entrepreneurs, open my premade design shop, motivate other business owners via Instagram posts, start my own group boards on Pinterest which is a gold mine of valuable blog post from other creative entrepreneurs and me, work with amazing creative entrepreneurs on their new brand & web design and other amazing experiences.
I really love being my own boss, even if sometimes it get really hard and since I’m solopreneur, I have to do a million things by myself, but by the end of a day I’m doing what I always wanted to do 😉 (you know what I’m saying). I really enjoy helping other entrepreneurs follow their dream and create a recognizable brand to enhance their web and social media presence.
I’ve recently started MintSwift Shop with premade logo and brand designs, which was my dream for a year, and it’s focused towards online entrepreneurs & bloggers who start their business, so have a limited budget for logo and brand design.


When I’m not designing, I’m on a pizza date with my lovely Fiancé, planning our wedding, singing Lana Del Rey’s songs, watching tons of TV series and traveling the world with the love of my life.


  • I’m from Poland, so English is my second language
  • I used to be a jewellery designer
  • I’m an introvert
  • I don’t drink coffee at all ! But I love tea
  • I love pastels and watercolours
  • I watch a lot of TV series and shows, among others: Modern Family, Broadchurch, Project Runway USA, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, House of Cards, Game of Thrones and more!
  • I’m a vegetarian

I am test text for Call to action.
I am test text for Call to action.
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I am test text for Call to action.
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